Illegals, Soviet & Russian sleeper agents

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Corpraider, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Don't know whether this has been discussed before but bearing in mind
    that the Russian intelligence services are as busy as ever inserting
    deep cover agents within the United States and UK and seldom a
    year goes by without some 'deep cover' spy ring being rooted out
    by western intelligence agencies.
    For example the Anna Chapman case in the United States back in
    2010 being the most recent.

    Russian Spies are alive and well & thriving long after the Cold War

    Also was their any truth in the rumours that the Soviet 'deep cover'
    agents of the Cold War were trained in 'fake towns' made to
    look like British or American towns, deep in the Soviet Union.
    In order to establish the perfect british or american citizen that
    would be capable of blending in with his neighbours.
    Of course many of you would have been watching Modern Spies
    on BBC2 on Monday and one piece stood out about the Spies in
    our midst.

    FBI uncovers Russian Sleeper cell in NY suburbia

    Spy town USSR video
  2. You'd think they'd be able to provide their agents with a decent fake Hawaiian birth certificate.
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  3. Yes - they used to send their baby spies to Karachi, Dacca, Khartoum, Warsaw, Lagos & Kingston in order to ensure that they blended in with UK population.......

    Not being funny; most Russian spooks or people approached to be spooks that I've met have been far too highly educated and well-spoken in English to have any chance of blending into contemporary UK society.
  4. Yep your quite right, of course it all depends upon which inner-circles
    of British society they want to penetrate. Whether its government,
    defence, banking, universities, etc.
    Of course an encyclopedic knowledge of one of the top premiership
    football teams will do for starters, as any self respecting 'deep cover
    agent' needs to 'talk footie' in order to ingratiate himself with
    the Brits.
    For women agents, well I suppose being a dab hand around the
    house & garden and getting a reputation for turning out great
    hydrangeas. Will lull the neighbours into a false sense of security.

    The Russian Spy ring and its Old School methods