"Illegal" weapons on UK streets

Discussion in 'REME' started by LostBoss, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. So the BBC are running a story on illegal weapons, they are quoting a statistic of 75% of recovered weapons having been converted from imitation and replica weapons.

    BBC Weapons

    Can someone explain how it is that these imitations are manufactured to tolerate the stresses of firing live rounds, or is this part of the conversion process?
  2. Its a load of old bollocks constantly put out by the Police. There is a possibility of reactivating old spec deacts but it takes a fair bit of firearms knowledge and a fair bit of risk by the user.
    Brocock revolvers were built to reasonable specs so it may have been possible to fire live ammo from them at a similar risk to the user.
    As for replicas they are built from soft alloys, even the better ones would probably explode after a couple of rounds through them.
    Why, as stated in the article, would anyone bother converting replicas and then exporting them to the UK...why not just send a real firearm, there are plenty floating around eastern europe and at a lower cost than pissing around with replicas and conversion costs.
    This story is constantly put out by the Police because they don`t like anyone owning anything which vaguely resembles a firearm in the UK. The upcoming VCR bill would ban all replicas or anything which resembles a gun, this would include realistic kids toy guns.
    An extremely unworkable law.... :x
  3. I read a study about this years ago, in short they are aren't and they don't (or did not 10 years ago) - Which is why decativated fire arms are used or you could just use ones smuggled in from the form soviet bloc countries.
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  5. most of these conversions of toys, replicas and deactivated items are made to take .22RF or illegal manufactured ammo crafted from starter blanks (firing a ball-bearing basicly)
    they are firing a LOT smaller round with corresponding charge and are no way in the same class as 'real' centerfire handguns.
  6. You could always get some returning yorkshire Soldiers to bring you a real one!
  7. The problem Brocock had was with the TAC.
    Take the guts out, insert a primer at the back of the cartridge or alter it to take an 8mm blank and you have a very low power .22/.177 firearm.

    I didn't know how to turn my 2 revolvers into prohibited weapons- and why should I?- until the ban/restrictions came into being.

    It was only by chatting to a gunsmith that I found out.
    Until then I was of the impression someone bored the barrel out to .38
  8. Some of the Saxby and Palmers and Brococks were real firearms sleeved and adapted to fire the air cartridges. Converting a replica would be madness. Reactivating a blank firer wouldn't be that hard for any one with some basic tools and skills.

    The Brococks and Saxby and Palmer air rifles must now be held on a FAC anyway.
    Any one who does this deserves what they get when they get caught.

  9. I spent a long time working on small arms in the Army and followed this by running a business as a gunsmith.

    There are a few things I would like to see:

    1. The guns that the police have that were involved in crime so that an independent verifier can examine them to ascertain their origin - replica or other source.

    2. A demonstration by the police to substantiate their claim that a replica can be converted into a firearm in 30 minutes using tool shed implements.

    I fail to see why anyone would spend money on purchasing a replica and then paying soemone to convert it to take some low powered blank and ball bearing when they can buy the real thing by taking a quick trip across the Channel.

    This smacks of the "Making an Uzi from a deactivated gun in 30 mins but we won't show you how" programme that was put out when in fact the man concerned used a Section 5 breech block to do it.

    ACPO spin, they learn well from our government.