Illegal restrictions in the Falklands?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by napier, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    A colleague of mine who has recently returned from the Falklands has told me that there are some arbitrary rules differentiating between singlies and pads and some unfair taxes being levied. Apparently singlies cannot buy spirits, but pads can. Pads have access to the Bulk Store, but singlies can only buy over the bar in their respective messes. Additionally, there has been a £2 'welfare' tax placed on cigarettes (but not other goods).

    Is this a case of the chain of command exceeding its powers? I know that BFFI is not operational, but it is 'austere', and therefore has tax free status. Are senior comds/staff allowed to make such decisions (seemingly based on their own prejudices) or are these illegal restrictions?
  2. Pads in the FI - whats the world coming to???

    Was always forbidden to have spirits in the 80's - don't know why as you just got trashed on cans of beer :D whats the difference :?

    Fags were always tax free too.
  3. The FI govenment is currently building 2 MQs per year, so the number of pads will increase. I would challenge your assertion the BFSAI is non-operational.

    There is a tradition of SLIFs* being dumped on; when did you last see the guard 2IC touring the MQs looking for a spare bod to stand in for an absentee fom guard duty?

    IMHO the levy is more to do with the NAAFI/Sodexho unholy alliance, but no doubt a glib excuse has aleady been formulated.

    *SLIF = Single Living-In Fcuker
  4. Just go to the Globe. I think you'll find they have everything you need (as long as the boat comes in)
  5. fags used to be tax free if you were military (that inculded the raf for some reason :twisted: )
    but not royal navy reserve or whatever those blokes who sail the grey painted merchant ships.
    que hippy buying a ship load of fags and I don't smoke :roll:

    you must really hate your mrs to drag to fi :twisted:
  6. The spirit rule has always been there but enforced in differing ways. When I was there singlies below the rank of Sgt were not allowed to buy spirits at all. There was also the two can rule in the NAAFI bar with every can sold being opened by the bar staff to deter hoarding etc.

    However, in the messes spirits were available to all who cared to purchase.

    The bulk buying thing was rife amongst the PADS who would tip up at the 'families shop' by FILU HQ every Sat morning.

    I agree with Murphy. Head off to the Globe and order your arrse off.
  7. Just a thought, but aren't the only people allowed to levvy taxes HMG?

    If it is a lawful 'Welfare Tax' on fags, do only smokers benfit from it? Is there a commensurate tax on goods smokers don't buy. If there isn't then it is discrminating against them on the grounds they are smokers. A civvy brief would be all over this.
  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    That's my point CS; a tax on one group of people for the benefit of 'all' cannot be justified. From what I understand, the CoC are anti-smoking, and expect smokers just to accept it, banning smoking indoors but not providing exterior shelters (pads can of course smoke in their MQs, but singlies can't even in their own rooms). The blatant disparity between singlies & pads, smokers and non smokers should be challenged - I'm not FI based, so is there anyone there who agrees/disagrees?
  9. Interesting point: in another thread somewhere about guns, it came to light that MQs are legally classified as "public places" and not private homes. In that thread, it was why the CoC bans airguns in MQs, but in theory this should of course apply to smoking under the latest nanny-state laws....
  10. If I remember correctly.

    1. Singles get pissed and noisy on Three beers hence the two beer rule.
    2. Singles while pissed on more than two beers, smoke far too much and also they tend to flick their fag ends every where except the ashtray so the rule, less fags for the Singles.
    SORTED. :) :)
  11. Can you generalise anymore? :D (I'm noisy on no beer!)