Illegal Photo in Winter Sustainer?

I'm no expert, but is the photo on the bottom right of page 291 of the Winter Sustainer illegal?? It's bad taste at best; how did it get to print?
Does it show stacker1 as he really is:

Somebody tell me where I can find this alleged magazine
Or at least have the original poster put up the ******* picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A spitroast involves expending energy in the form of physical exercise. Does this seem likely for the RLC?

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Dont tar them all with the same brush, there were a lot of them in 13 Air assault who didnt have fablon biff chits.
I did kinda remember that ,I had one when I wasn't on the Charlie G - popular wasn't I ? and YES it was a minor unit .
Just seen it. Does not make any sence what so ever, some sort of private in-joke? We circled the differences between the pictures, a Paedo spot the difference competition? What do I win? Is a free trip to Cambodia with Paul Gadd?

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