Illegal Parking.

Eddie went out to do a bit of shopping and he was only in the shop for a few minutes. When he came out of the shop, there was a copper writing out a parking ticket. The car was on a double yellow line.
Eddie approached the officer and said smiling, 'Come on mate..give a pensioner a break, I was only away a minute.'
The copper muttered 'I'm not your mate,' just carried on writing out the parking ticket and completely ignored Eddie's plea. Eddie, rather angry at being so openly ignored, called the copper, 'A goose-stepping Nazi arsehole.'
The copper glared at Eddie and started writing another parking ticket, this time for having an illegal tyre. Eddie called him a 'neo fascist dick'. The plod finished the second ticket and put it on the windscreen alongside the first. Then he started writing a third ticket for a tiny chip in the windscreen! This went on for about twenty minutes and a small crowd had gathered cheering Eddie on.
The more Eddie insulted him, the more tickets the red faced plod wrote out and slapped on the windscreen... It started to get covered and the crowd were jeering at the copper, so he called for backup.

Eddie quickly disappeared and the crowd dispersed.

Eddie couldn't have cared less, pensioners need to have a bit of fun sometimes.

He was still laughing as he opened his car door in the multi-storey car park.

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