Illegal Immigration Freeze

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tawahi-50, May 20, 2010.

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  1. This may well be a hoax but there's a touch of irony here;

    Link TimesOnLine
  2. Fcuk 'em
  3. part of me is disappointed now, did they find them all rock hard and huddled together?

    I was hoping this was the answer to the illegal immigrant problem in UK, you know, the one that means if they haven't got a passport they can't be deported and are given bail to appear at a later date, at which point the narrator, says "he was never seen again"

    Instead of banging em up in prison lets try cryogenics, freeze the fcukers, when you get enough for a full container, (shouldn't take long the way the fcukers are throwing themselves at UK).

    Load up a ship and sail em back home, once the container has been landed on their foriegn soil it becomes their property.

    For thise of a more nervous disposition, maybe we should cut out the freezing part, I just thought it would be more economical, less squealing, (well after the first 8 hours) and cleaner (not so much excretia to have to clean up)
  4. A serious case of cold calling!
  5. "Find us, please Find us"

    "Sod off, we're Birds Eye"
  6. ...and eat 'em?

  7. Why?? Save the taxpayer the cost of that and make money. Just stand them in a line in front of a wrecking ball..instant fertilizer.
  8. Can we hope for a flash French strike and the Ports be kept shut for a couple of extra days, but knowing the French they would probably surrender just in case.
  9. Are they dead yet?
    Will the truck driver get fined for having frozen Afghan's stowed away?

    The only erson I feel sorry for is the poor sod who unloads the container to find frozen solid illegal immigrants amongst the cargo.
  10. haha fuck em -great way to stop immigration make ferry holds refrigerated - i like it anyway.
  11. But they'll be frozen :? Am I allowed to thaw one out?
  12. 5 less ragheads
  13. What we need now is for Vlad the Impaler to be resurrected, then we can have giant Afghan-flavoured ice lollies.

    Or perhaps not.
  14. This has been taken very seriously by UK Police a Unit has been dispatched to Dover a spokesman for Aberdeen Police confirm they have sent a Panda ETA Sunday around tea time
  15. Thats Sunday 31st Feb 2022, just in case your wondering.