Illegal Immigrants " go home" to be investigated !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. One of the things people of the UK want is a more robust immigration policy from the govt, also all illegals to get back to where ever they originated.

    The govt acts, and now because 60 morons complain about it, there has to be an investigation, more taxpayers money wasted on people who should not be here in the first place.

    WTF do people want?
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  2. A robust immigration policy. But we are a democracy so the wishes of the majority must prevail.
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  3. This is true, but it seems the minority gets looked after better!
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  4. Immigrants, ok fine. Illegal immigrants should not stay, surely a no brainer ... Oh wait.
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  5. So if we need 100,000 hits on the Gov web site to have their pay rise questioned why does it only take 60 to have the immigration billboard bollox investigated - or is the answer far more complicated than my small mind can manage
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  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I bet that Brent's Council leader and Labour activists (acting on orders) were the ' 60 complainants' who were so 'outraged' by the 'go home bus'.

    It's a politically motivated move to shore up more future voters, once they qualify for residency based on the length of their illegal stay.
  7. Apparently it is 'racist'.
    Now, the very people who complained are making it a race issue. An illegal immigrant is 'illegal' no matter what his/her ethnic background may be. Its a law. No one has said 'that black man must go but that whitey can stay' or 'That white man must go but that black guy can stay'
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  8. Immigration cant be stopped now. Id of fucked off to another land yrs ago but that would mean I was an immigrant too.... blame the port security thats where most come in from illegally then they become legal after they work out how to use the system, hard labour camps for anyone caught would be a detterant no good shipping them out to only try later
  9. Pizza anyone?
  10. It must be exhausting being permanently outraged. No sooner has the bong bongo bus stopped for a break then the illegal immigrants go home campaign bus starts up again.

    I am probably one of those nasty lefty types by nature but I honestly fail to see anything wrong in a campaign to tell people that should not be here to bugger off back to wherever they entered the UK from.

    Have we had a quote off Duchess Doreen yet?
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  11. Not sure. I think that an accurate head count is required.
  12. Probably be delivered by an illegal on his moped.
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  13. Fixed.
  14. I agree, it does need investigating. It needs investigating as to why it was required in the first place (Blair and his traiterous policies?) and why the UKBA are not doing their jobs and hunting illigals and getting rid of them.
  15. Because its part of the plan and anything to divert attention away from it or forestall actually confronting the problem brings them closer to the endgame, where capitalism wins and democracy loses.