illegal immigrants get on the wrong bus... to RMAS

@Tired_Tech - Already been covered on one of the immigration threads. However I can understand not wishing to wade through the non-sequiturs, waffle and büllshite to find it.
Are we sure they're not the new Overseas Cadets?


Vehicles checked by U.K. Border Force and their dogs. Apparently blokes up in the engine block and almost impossible to see/smell. What do we expect the poor drivers to do, stag on for 24hrs per day guarding wagons? Nothing to see here. Move on.
In 2009 the Telegraph reported that an Afghan illegal immigrant had got into Sandhurst:

Damian Green, the Shadow Immigration Minister, said: "Even after all the security disasters of recent years, it still beggars belief to find that an illegal immigrant can not only smuggle himself into this country, but into Sandhurst on an Army bus."
Wonder what Damian Green is doing these days?

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