Illegal immigrant who used a fake UK passport to claim more than £30k benefits.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by batfink5537, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Why are we so bloody soft ?.

    Illegal immigrant who used a fake UK passport to claim more than £30k benefits allowed to keep Chelsea council flat.

    An illegal immigrant who used a fake UK passport to claim more than £30,000 in benefits has been allowed to keep living in a Chelsea council flat because of human rights legislation.
    Joy Chishimba, 26, entered Britain legally from Zambia on a student visa but when it was close to its expiration date she fell pregnant and bought the bogus passport so she could stay in the UK.

    She then used the document to move into a council flat on the Sutton Estate near King's Road and the Royal Brompton Hospital in 2009 and to claim benefits.
    Despite being convicted of benefit fraud, Joy Chishimba has been allowed to stay in her council flat in Chelsea, near fashionable King's Road
    But last year The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council - which has more than 8,000 people on its housing waiting list - received a tip-off that Chishimba was an illegal immigrant.
    After being arrested, Chishimba pleaded guilty to to possession of a false passport, four counts of benefit fraud for claiming £30,000 in housing support and £4,000 in income support.
    She received a suspended 10-month jail sentence at Isleworth Crown Court in west London but was given discretionary

    Read more: Illegal immigrant who used a fake UK passport to claim more than £30k benefits allowed to keep Chelsea council flat | Mail Online
  2. She should consider her self very lucky it wasn't me deciding the sentence.
    As she would have received a sword bayonet to the throat.

    All illegal immigrants should be rounded up/hunted down by dogs and shot.
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  3. I reckon the rules were relaxed as we used to get loads of benefit fraudsters in prison on long sentences. It must have been decided we don't have enough prison places as their are so many of them.
  4. Dogs aren't very good at shooting.
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  5. Even gun dogs?
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  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Get over it mate you'll only cause yourself an injury.
    Worst case senario seems to be that they pay back 50p a week for 99 years.
    Seems benifits are that genourous you can spark £1000 on a fake passport.
    Soon we'll be funding another little one as well as her until things look ropey and she suffers another miracle pregnancy by a man she never met or remembers meeting.

    Cheer yourself up by reading these facts

    More than 11,000 households are raking in benefits that are at least the equivalent of a higher rate taxpayers’ £47,000 salary, it has been revealed.
    The 11,000 households exposed by Mr Duncan Smith enjoy benefits of more than £34,000 a year, equating to a gross wage of £47,000.
    This is enough to put most employees into the higher rate 40p tax band.
    According to official figures, at least 100 families on benefits are living in luxury homes, with many receiving housing handouts of about £5,000 per month – enough to fund a £1million mortgage.

    Read more: More than 11,000 households on benefits are as well off as higher rate taxpayers | Mail Online
  7. One of the many "should have dones" of the present useless government would have been to (a) order a 100% audit of benefit claims (b) 100% audit of NI numbers (c) mandate that any benefits recipient have a vetted passport (or ID card).

    I reckon all political parties are too scared of the electorate understanding the true depth and extent of fraud against the taxpayer.

    Even when I worked as a commercial fraud investigator years ago, nearly all our cases involved (a) people not of UK descent linked to, apart from commercial fraud, (b) related immigration/DSS/NI offences. We'd often turn up people (usually Nigerians) with multiple NI identities and apparent fake UK immigration credentials, and also - bizarrely - multiple individuals (usually Indian) sharing a single UK NI identity. I was never aware of any of these cases being followed up by the authorities.....
  8. I will feel better waiting for my passport to be checked now. Imagine what things would be like if we didn't have these thorough checks.
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  9. This could only happen in out gutless, spineless excuse of a country. Take back what's ours and kick the scrounging bitch out.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Probably because of the last goverment people are afraid to challenge anyone in case the race card gets whipped out.

    "Didn't you come here yesterday and register as Nyuka Chimchuck"
    "Are you saying we all look alike and quite possibilly have the same fingerprints"?
    "Err no anything I can do for you sir"
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  11. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Good effort her - looking out for No1 and fighting for a better life. Not so good effort kicking the arse out of it and getting caught. Punishment seems ridiculous and no use whatsoever as a deterrent (I wasn't of course in court). Sounds like article 8 is again the true baddie of the story though.
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  12. Are fake passports that easy to pick up? I want one.
  13. An interesting observation. I read that article 8 was preventing her deportation. I am not of the opinion that one should better one's life by criminal activity. And where would such a person stop her lawlessness? Her criminality should not be thought of as wholesome initiave, in my opinion of course.
  14. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    At least we still have our sense of humour - after all, we're the laugh of Europe...

    Seriously, it all boils down to do-gooding liberals and the majority's reticence to speak out in case the PC mob jump on them.

    One just have to look at where I live - not a notable town, just your average common British town - and it's quite apparent we're being fleeced. The Asians have a stranglehold on Disabled Parking badges, charge a different price at Christmas for a Taxi yet don't charge the other Asians double (I kid you not, Adeel verified it), shuffle around in blankets and gobbing in the street or using the seats in the Mall as a social club when I need a stick to walk and can't find a place to put my butt down and the Africans walk around as if they own the place.

    Generalise/ Yes. Racist? No - just ask Auld-Yin or terroratthepicnic what colour TSO is so any liberal/Lefties can get off the Rant Bus right now and not patronise me. In case you mods want to brand me as racist check first with others who've had the pleasure of meeting my missus. Actually, she's almost as racist as my mate Adeel who can't "F***ing stand those Paki tossers who use Rap talk and try and be hard." The use of the Paki word from a Pakistani from the NW of the country had me in stitches and those were his own words... damn bacon sarnie, beer swilling letch... but he faithfully dresses in jim-jams ona Friday and does whetever they do down at the Mosque. Good man.

    Could someone please enlighten me as to how Ahmed and two others, whom I personally know from the Bangladeshi Curry House, have Degrees from a "reputable" College in London? Ahmed can hardly string a sentence together, let alone in English, and he has a BA in some sort of management degree.

    What are we to do? The BNP/NF or whatever they call themselves are racist as far as I'm concerned, Labour/Lib-Dems/Tory are snouts in trough types and others too small to sway the vote.

    Rant over... I quite enjoyed that.
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  15. ND... I enjoyed reading it.