Illegal Immigrant Murderers.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. This stuff really maes my blood boil. In the week when a child has received a Police caution for pushing another child in a playground fallout (can't find a link) The Government allows murdering scum like these foreigners to remain in this country, to flaunt all attempts to discipline them, and to murder innocent people. I will place on record that my vote in the next election will go to the party that campaigns to tighten up our porous borders and to send back animals like these to their country of origin, regardless of any of their "Human Rights". What of the human rights of the child that had its mother taken away from it.

    The Beshenivskiy case was also down to illegal immigrants.

    And you wonder why extremist parties are attracting votes....
  2. Judge rules they can be named by the media. Sounds like he's had enough too.

    Does Nigeria still have the death penalty? Short drop and a sudden stop sounds just the ticket.
  3. oh sorry.... I thought someone was hiring people....

    if you change your mind do let me know :D
  4. Discipline & Control. You suppress the mainstream population because they are a real threat if they get out of control.

    The random variants can never threaten the system - but the priority is to keep the mass population under control

    Remember Blair was elected Leader of the Labour Party with 15% Labour Members backing him

    Remember Labour was elected in 2005 with just 21.6% electorate backing it

    This is a clique which has seized control in a series of creeping coups - it does not have a Cheka to impose order but it feels constant anxiety about being toppled
  5. You weren't on the Grassy Knoll were you? or
    might be the place for you my friend.
  6. And what really annoys me about these immigrants who come over here murdering at will is the fact that we have enough of our own white British murdering scum already. We can murder, rape and mutilate our own thankyou very much.....
  7. I would gladly execute all of them TBH.
  8. Yup. Nigeria still executes mongs but i think you guys need to kill them yourselves cause if you deport them to Nigeria, they'll bribe their way out of prison. Just looking at their pictures make me sick and i am of Nigerian ancestry. Bloody mongs
  9. The latter part of my service life saw me sat in an 'interview room' with the bissies and a particular 'Yardie' player. He'd been deported a few times but always managed to get back to UK usually in those days via the USA.
    He was a particularly nasty specimen with no regard for human life that I could judge. His party piece being always leaving a scene of crime with a 'horror factor' anticipating a police reaction that would enhance his reputation on 'the street'. Had these crimes been committed in either Jamaica or USA he would have paid for those with his life.

    The inevitable question arose, "why in UK?" He responded in 'rap' to me

    Don't recall the full stanza other than -

    "Cos the jails don't clang and the cops don't go...... bang bang!"

    Nothing has changed in the ensuing years of Blairs regime, other than we'll now give killers compension and an apology as a follow on.
  10. Nah, put all three in a room with one knife. Whoever walks out at the end lives.

    Then shoot him in the face because you are a lying c*nt.
  11. You bloody hypocritical whiner. Why does the government not use its majority to push through the necessary legislation then? :x
  12. You really are a cnut.
  13. Should be mandatory deportation for immigrant who breaks any law in this country together with every member of their family . Any assets they may have to be consfiscated prior to loading on the plane to help defray the costs of kicking the basterds out .
  14. To the Wind Tunnel with them and let God have no mercy on their souls

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  15. holy jeeezus.... theres 500 pound per square inch of lip ..RIGHT THERE!!