Illegal Immigrant Kills daughter to stay in UK Jailed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. She had 22 broken ribs, a fractured skull, a fractured thigh, and had also been bitten on the nose and both hands, the Old Bailey heard.

    Judge states: 'You simply saw her birth as as something which might help you avoid deportation,' he told the killer

    The system 'still' at fault (without stating the obvious :roll: ) the Parents or both?

    From the Snail:

    Views & feedback,.
  2. locked in a cell and a petrol bomb thrown in ........

    edited to add i mean both of them!
  3. Bit of both, what really alarms me here is the Mother apparently doing nothing to stop it yet only getting five years ??, in my eyes she is just as guilty.

    As for him I can only hope some enterprising con has learned from recent events and is preparing a hot sugary welcome for him.
  4. Anyway he's achieved his aim of staying here.
  5. And in 16 years time it would obviously be far too dangerous to repatriate a dangerous criminal to his own country, he might hurt non-Britons!
  6. WWhat a total waste of time & money, just top the animal :evil:
  7. Thing that grips my shoite here (other than the murder itself) is that the kid died in December 2006, verdict Feb 2010 - why the delay in getting these cnuts in the doc?
  8. Who cares, deport him out the back of a Hercules, 500 feet over the North sea should do.

  9. Seconded, but with a universal block round his fcuking neck.!
  10. How much does a 9mm round costs these days?

    I would gladly offer my services to use the said item, surely it would be more cost effective to just waste the turd than keep him in nick for the few years life actually means in this new all caring world?

    I know we all slag off sharia, but an eye for an eye is one of ours too isnt it?
  11. I'm torn.

    Half of me says 16 years is pathetic he should be put in prison until a medical practioner declares his life extinct.

    The other half can't see sense in us; firstly respecting his wishes and keeping him in the UK and secondly paying to keep him alive.

    As such I think these feckers should have a choice between remaining in an unheated, unlit ISO container for the rest of their days with four other prisoners and a toilet or assisted suicide.
  12. A toilet! You tree hugging hippies make me sick, if it was good enough for Jimmy Sands it's good enough for him.
  13. What about Bobby?
  14. Who?
  15. Were they brothers. Did they both like chicken suppers?