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Illegal guns and ammo - shame he was just ex Para and FFL

I think that Sgt Nightingale's wife might be in for a rude shock later this year... Possession of firearms and ammunition without lawful authority is a crime. End of.
Of course the police go around randomly raiding homes to find illegally held blank firing pretend pistols. The question is: What did'nt they get him for?

Nobber anyway, 6 months in the Legion? People only do 6 months if they go awol.
A "firing pistol" and ".37 cartridges" with "traces of CN gas". What sort of weapon is this?

The court heard how O’Keefe had served in the Regiment for eight years.
He had completed two tours in Northern Ireland and spent two and a half years in the Gulf for which he was awarded the Gulf War medal.

He also spent six months in the French Foreign Legion.

Seems a long time. Couldn't have been as a civvy with British Aerospace, could it?
you can get gas pistols in Europe and the Russians make a whole range of apparently non lethal self defense weapons.
but knowing russians nerve gas dispenser counts as non lethal:(
I don't mean to sound like a **** but you'd that being a firearms instructor he'd know the different between a deactivated weapon and a live one, let alone the legislation/laws that go along with such an item (the gun, not the ammo)
I went to Liverpool to a gun mart,, Christ the stuff you could buy there,, and it was real,, no ammo,, just the guns ect,, I was told later on in the day the police had a van there carting stuff away from a few of the stalls,,
Do Officers ever get caught with illegal weapons and If so what do they face,slap on the wrist or jail?
In the one case I know about the officer involved (a Major at the time) smuggled an Uzi and a .357 back to the UK, was caught after the organisation they belonged to asked for them back. Someone knew where they were and passed the information on, leading to his farmhouse being raided. All stemmed from a strange conversation with an armourer and being in the right place 18 months later- spooky chain of events.

He was also renown for putting socks in his shorts prior to playing squash with the ladies!

He ended up his career in Catering Branch at MoD if memory serves.

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