illeagal srtipping

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by thefootman, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick one here.

    When stripping our rifles, when cleaning them why is it illeagal stripping to remove the two springs in order to clean them. I dont know the correct name for the parts but im sure you know what I mean.
  2. do you mean the recoil rod? and isn't it something to do with modification of weapons in the forces, it's probably in case you put something on there you shouldn't.
  3. Damn! I thought this might include nudity...

    But no, you guys are talking about rifles...
  4. Not sure which springs you are reffering to, however if you are told not to remove them, there will be a good reason for it.

    If you are reffering to the recoil rod spring and the gas piston spring the reasons are twofold:
    1. By removing the spring regularly you will reduce the tension that holds the spring in place when you don't want it to come off.
    2. You will wear the protective coating on the rod or piston, increasing the liklihood of rusting.

    The reason it is 'illegal' stripping is because the operating information - (AESP 1005-L-202-201) doesn't say you can remove the items. As operators, you should only strip weapons to the levels described in the 201.

  5. The recoil or return springs on the A2 are not supposed to be removed as the act of removing them stretches them. (They should have been made better then Doh!)

    The problem is, the springs are a sand trap and anyone who's been to the sand pit will know, the policy of using plenty of oil adds to this problem. Do you remove the springs to clean them periodically or keep your weapon full of sand?
  6. dont get caught....Simple
  7. Take the assembly out and give it a wash. Dry and lightly oil. Job done.

    Its funny how a lot of people seem to be afraid of getting water on the working parts, makes sand and grit removal a hell of a lot easier than brushes etc and so long as you dry and oil the bits properly afterwards there shouldn't be any problems.

    Of course I am open to correction from our resident experts :p
  8. the springs are not supposed to be removed on the piston or recoil rods. However when training at depot many years ago we were shown the "practical" way of cleaning the weapon which meant removing the springs. This practice should not be condoned but if you do feel the urge to remove the springs etc then don't get seen. The other alternative as meantioned previously is to run under the hot tap and spray with wd40 the same goes for the rear tmh- again don't get seen :!:
  9. a can of air from IT dept used for key boards helps
    as for A1 i remember being told to pull of both piston spring off
    and clean and same with recoil spring,
    then on my SAA course it was said that it is illegal stripping on the A2
    and the fun police are Armourers who use the Qm to use AGAI 67

    remember use WD40 to clean OX24 to lube
    boiling hot water on the guts, removing butt plate is also
    naughty but helps and the hot water Should evaporate
    and airlines or the above can of air to remove dust or sand
    scotchbright (abrassive pad) is only to be used on the gas plug
    but as an instructor and a soldier the
    CRIME is getting caught!!
  10. Agree with al-5780, You get taught how to strip the A2 in training and the way they want you to do it, but again the crime is getting caught.etc.. :cry: I always take the hand guard screw out that hold the front sling assembly, apparently the armourers use to Lock Tight these in. But for ease of cleaning around the Foresight its great. Also the Butt plate should not be removed, but you know us Squaddies if its got a screw on it we'll bloody unscrew it!! run the TMH (Trigger Mechanism Housing) under boiling hot water and get all the grit and grime out of there easy :lol: WD40 put back together hand back to the Q.
  11. I once made the mistake of mentioning this to a recruit, who promptly asked the RSM if she could boil the kettle...... interview without tea & biscuits later..
  12. To be honest i don't know anyone in the Battalion who doesn't illegally strip their weapons whether it is the rifle GPMG, 50 cal or minimi. I also don't know anyone who really gives a fcuk if a weapon is stripped down further then what it should be!
  13. Hmm funnily enough me too...

    This 'don'tstripthatdownyacnut' wouldn't have to be a rear echelon thing would it?
  14. More of a "one day when your gun thingy goes click when you really really wanted it to go bang it won't because YOU f*cked it by stripping it illegaly and damaged the parts or put them back the wrong way or etc etc " so you carry on doing what YOU want after all YOU know best.
  15. Don't talk silly.