Ill sleep when Im dead!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sandmanfez, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. Six to seven hours.

  2. Five to six hours.

  3. Four to five hours.

  4. Less than four hours.

  5. Seven to eight hours.

  6. I am doing porridge/am a soap-dodging student, and usually wake up in time for "Richard (Pu

  7. I am in a coma/dead.

  1. This morning I have had the pleasure of bol$ocking a sprog for falling down on the job. His defence for fecking things up was "but I'm tired!", lapsing into crusty old ba$tard mode (40 is creeping up), I came back with "YOU'RE tired? I've been tired since before you were born son!" it just popped into my head, but on reflection I realise its true.
    So what I'm wondering is, how much kip do you manage on? Its very rare that I get more than six hours sleep a night, and its usually more like five or five and a half. If I'm lucky I'll "rest my eyes" or take a power-nap :roll: for ten minutes in the early evening. But IMO life is too short to spend a third of it in a coma, and if you are getting enough kip you are either being entertained "at her majesties pleasure", a work-shy student or Cliff Richard. :wink:
  2. Not enough, that's for sure: I have insomnia, and I'm lucky if I'm asleep before the sun comes up these days :cry:
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Have kids mate, then you don't get any sleep...... please release from doing stag..wife does the first stag, I do the next and so on. I hate 3 to 4. Death stag. I thought I only had to do it on exercise!
  4. :lol:

    You have my sympathies, mysteron :)
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Thank you, K. I need all the sympathy I can get. So far it was somewhere between sh*t and sphyliss.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Sandmanfez, I too felt like that, as a kid my dad never let me lie in etc but then at 27 I did a 6 month tour somewhere where there was nothing to do but sleep from 10pm til 8am for 6 months. I got so much sleep 6 years later I still feel great!
  7. Hmm, learning the child sleep thing at the mo.

    However this morning, she failed to wake up at her usual 5am, and we have lapsed into not setting the alarm for work.
    The irony of me rolling over seeing the time and going "boll*x, the alarm hasn't woken up yet!!! " Damn it!

  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer


    Nice one. Children are most evil human beings in the world. They have no mercy in them. Evil, evil but in strange way mine makes me go, "oh its not your fault" and then go gooey until I remember it is that bag of puking, p!ssing, pooing mess that has caused all this woe! :(
  9. Sleep restful relaxing and free possible my favourite consciousness state after being awake
  10. No so very wrong the kids are alright its just the OAPS that are the problem exactly the same just older more stubborn. And they have a habit of talking (far too much) At least you can shove a bottle or dummie in a kids mouth!
  11. I live in the sunshine so early to bed and up with the sun - normally 6 hours but sometimes 7. It's a hard life getting up and looking at the beach in this place!
  12. The joys of parenthood and sleep deprivation.

    From 0-3 they get up every night for anything from wet nappy to wet bed, needing fed to having eaten to much, they insist on sleeping in you bed, diagonally, and of twisting large handfuls of your hair in their tiny sticky hands and pulling you to wherever their sleeping bodies decide they’re most comfortable.

    From 4-10 they sleep more, but give you more waking hour grief, so you sleep less, you worry about school, the cost of living, the future they have to look forward to and if you’ll see it with them or be dead from stress.

    From 11-16 they hate you, not openly at first, but just enough so you know you could be sleeping with the enemy so are never fully at easy. They decide to ‘experiment’ cooking their own meals thus running the risk of burning the house down, if you’re really unlucky then their hormones will arrive with so much force and gusto that they will experience that not uncommon teenage phenomenon of sleep walking due to increased electrical activity in the brain. Main problem here is they think they’re adults so you lie awake or wake up worrying did I leave the car keys/ front door keys where they can get them and do major damage to property and themselves as well obviously.

    From 17- on you never see them. They demand independence which means you have little idea of when you’ll see them before weekend curfew, so you have the pleasure of light sleep while listening for the door to open and close and them to arrive home, then you strain to hear if they decide to cook food and for how many, count the steps, but not wanting to be the enemy you stay in bed and pray the battery in the smoke detector, which you now test DAILY, hasn’t been run down by that paranoid child breeding fool who tests it daily.

    I love my kids, but I just need a little more sleep. I have one in group 2, one in group 4 and am about to re-enter group 1 and start it all again… sleep? I haven’t slept since 1988.

    Beebs :(

    Edited to add, sorry if I sound grumpy, 3 hours sleep, 4 year-old with sore throat and teenager at gig in Camden night......
  13. Some anthropologists have a theory that we don't really need sleep and that, when we lived on the plains and in the caves, we simply developed sleep, because there was very little else to do in the pitch darkness (I wonder if w**king has similar origins). Who knows? It may be true. I know that, without sleep, I quickly lose the will to live.

    On the plus side, it appears you can go for long periods with little sleep and then completely recoup your sleep deficit in one long kipping sesh, with no detriment to your long-term health. Although there have been occasions when I've had to operate with very little sleep, this has never been a long-term thing. I'm in awe of those junior docs, who work a 96 hour week (do they still do that, despite the new rules?) on cat naps and still manage not to f**k-up too much. Doubtless the nurses must take some credit for this.
  14. sleep?? who does sleep any more? most times my head hits the deck n i'm sure my clock spins round 5 hours in 6 seconds n i'm awake again!!! n i'm only 17!!!! although like booty sez, every 6-7 weeks i have a sleep sesh n die for bout 36hours, glad to know it wont harm my health

  15. Can anyone explain setting an alarm for 'H' hour for a regular wake-up, then after a few days you wake up at H-hour minus several seconds - early enough to register the time and switch the alarm off just before it starts?.

    Its happened a number of times over the years.