Ill NEVER Fish For YOU Again..!!!

Its been a while now, but I thought that at last, I have to get this off my chest..!!

October last year I went to the UK, to fish, in the Army Carp Chamionships. Although I'm an Ex-Pat, I still showed up for all the prelim events, qualified, and was selected to represent BA (G) in this event. I traveled to it an a white fleet vehivle, with two other guys, on the advance party, to help set up before the event. Once having done this, off we went for the usual Fish and Chips, and then decided to pop down to the local, have a pint and then get back to the lake and await the arrival of the other competitors the next day.

We were in the pub for 1hr 20mins,,,when we came back out, the Van had been broken into, and ALL of our gear was gone..!! I'll admit now, I cried like a baby... :oops:

The guys, really came into thier element, provided us with gear, and our team won the event, my partner and I came 3rd in the pairs event. A proud moment for me.

I had been assured, by my insurance company, that I would receive compensation for my loss, but sadly this was not the case, as I was in a Military white fleet vehicle and in the UK when it happened,,,so I didnt get a cent..!!

After 6 months of fighting them, I got nowhere and lost the battle. I then decided to ask the Army, if there was any way that they could help me, to try and rebuild what I had lost, just a small donation to help me get myself sorted and on the way to fishing again,,Here are some of the replys I got;

" No sorry cant help you. You should not have been there any way"

" What were you doing in that vehicle in the first place, you were not entitled"

The Army took it upon themselves, to GAG the local paper, cut down my photo showing me with my trophies, and instructed them not to mention that I was even there, that I was in a Military vehicle, and that my gear was stolen whilst representing BAG (G).

I lost almost €9000 worth of gear and got left out to dry by the Army, :( they did not raise a finger to help me. I served for 22 yrs, and believe strongly that OUR Army is still the best in the world,,,but this I have to all those who sit in offices making decisions to let people know what they should and should not write, report on:

You will never get another stroke out of me,,,and one place you can not GAG..!! is the World Wide Web...and my website.

Thankyou for your time, and allowing me to bitch,,!! keep your heads down on tour, and get home safe People.

Carping on, isn't he? Sorry the insurance claim floundered .........
Another typical "bait and switch" insurance story...
The future looks bleak, if he gets owt from the insurance company it'll be a mackeral, he wants to kipper batter eye on his kit or he'll be squids out!
So the insurance company said 'no dace' to the claim?
Now, I wouldn't go so far as to suggest you're a pike-y, but are you really sure this is the plaice for these sorts of comments?!
Well, I for one am having a whale of a time!!
So let's get this straight. You brought £9k worth of kit into a country that is not the one where you normally live and didn't have the common sense to check that your insurance would cover it?

Now you expect the MOD to cough up to replace it because of your stupidity?

Boo fcuking hoo.
Are you JR Hartley? Can I have my £5?

SS: don't be such a trout ;)


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