Ill-health pension?

A soldier who has LEFT the force is diagnosed with a medical condition.
(He left after he had served what he had signed up for)
The first indication that he had a health problem (temporary loss of vision) occured whilst a serving soldier. At the time nothing was done as his vision gradually recovered.
Does he now qualify for any pension because he first became ill whilst in the army although his precent conditionwas not diagnosed then.

It is a very difficult subject to advise on, if I were you I would approach the RBL for more expert advice.


Apply & seek TRBL advice.
But get the application in NOW as that is the date that will be used for the start of any award.
yes he does but the Veterans Agency can be very unhelpful go see your local RBL and get their forms and take a RBL rep with you if you pm me i will send you a form by pigion

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