I'll have an RIP please Bob.

I don't remember 'can I have a P please? bob'

But I do remember 'can I have an E please, bob?' going around my school in the late 80's/start f 90's.

Another family favourite, gone. RIP
Jeremy Vine interupted a sax solo on a record to give out the news. Was this intentional irony? (Baker Street and all that).
He was the very first James Bond though............
Pedant mode. According to the fount of all knowledge, St Stephen of Fry (peace be upon him), the original Bond was an American. He was called Jimmy Bond though.
I'm gutted, I loved his film and tv work.

He was brilliant in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".
I met him about 12 years ago when I did some chauffeurring work for the Birmingham Film Festival. He was a really nice bloke. He chatted a fair amount en route London - Birmingham and asked if I minded him stinking the car out with his curry (I think) sandwich.

I was happy enough to have his agent, and daughter, in my rear view mirror !

Regular as clockwork:

Back from tea after a hot day slaving in the training wing, nick a cuppa for in the room and get stuck into an episode of Blockbusters.

After that a little kip and off to the 2 Sawyers.

Great Days.
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