Ill During Training?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris1994, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. I recently came down with a cold and it got me thinking when i go for my P1 in september if i was to catch a cold or something what is the protocol?

    im not expecting that the Platoon SGT will cuddle me or something

    is it just'man it through' but then wouldnt that risk everybody eles catching it?

    or do you get medical discharge for a week or something?

  2. A cold.MAN UP
  3. You will be sent to the QMs' Dept to sign out a Man Suit (NSN 9873452). You will then need to put it on and zip it up to the neck.
  4. You will go on sick parade, if its contagious ( smallpox smallcox yellow fever or just plain yellow ) then you'll be bedded down with some copies of peoples friend and a black and white telly with 2 channels.

    If its not contagious then you will be sent back to your lines with a light duties chit and some ibrufen and tubey grip, or sent back with a bottle of "Man the **** up pussy"
  5. i can handle the illness but im just wondering common colds are infectious 6 man rooms and all can't be a good combination
  6. I was wondering about this- just been having wisdom teeth dramas but have PCCBC really soon, and am really glad they've come through now, not in a couple of weeks time/in the first 5 weeks- I've heard that if something bad happens in the first 5 weeks it's not the army's problem, so they boot you until you've dealt with it?
  7. hahaha quality this one. best thing when you have a cold is to eat like **** to keep ur strength up and you will sweat the cold out when you do PT. what date you going P1 in september im start on the 6th agen
  8. September the 5th at AFC Harrogate
  9. imat pirbright on the 6th of september 2months 2go get in