Ill discipline

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What has gone wrong with the army?? Have the RSM`s, SSM`s etc just all turned soft or dont they give a fcuk??

I`m so sick of bollokcing people for been late, speeding round camp, having hands in pockets, having uniform in shit state, parking illegally, etc etc etc.

Now normally i would accept that its part of the job but how can you grip people for their siht discipline and siht attitude when a vast percentage of the seniors do all the same things but dont get gripped by any1.

Your there bollokcing a tom for driving like a twat doing 60 past you in a 20 zone and then a staffy or a captain come flying past as your doing it!!!

What the fukc is goin on??!!

The army really does seem to have lost its discipline!! :x
what cap badge we looking at here is is this a broad brush of everyone ie in a garrison?

Our place is pretty hot on discipline wthout going down the bull $hit route..

cars speed on camp? take car pass of them, ban from camp. simple

People with hands in pockets? grab a bin bag and give them hands something too do

Seniors not adhering to rules? dont think just because they outrank you, you cant make a point - l did and still do
fool_hardy said:
Your there bollokcing a tom for driving like a t**t doing 60 past you in a 20 zone and then a staffy or a captain come flying past as your doing it!!!
Why don't you say something to the Staffy or Capt. If you can't bollock someone because they are higher rank than you, just explain how bad it looks when you are trying to discipline troops.

If you don't have the moral courage to deal with people of a senior rank than you for fear of reprisals then you will understand and have answered the question in your original post.

Too many people out there thinking if they do nothing they can do nothing wrong.
Yeah and i do have a word with the staffy or captain that does the same thing.

The point is though that they dont listen unless they get disciplined. Obviously i cant discipine people who are above me in rank so it gets passed up the chain of command. Who in turn dont bother to do fcuk all.

If seniors cant even get it right and get away with everything then how can we expect the juniors to get it right??

Double standards based on rank!! its madness
CH512O said:
mmmmm? Coming from a person who "cant be bothered to sew his stripes on for a CM" then you are reaping what you sow! :roll:
I was going to mention this aswell.

Obviously you havent been on any of the Discipline conferences and seen the ammount of blokes in the Regiments are constantly having AGAI action or more serious action against them. Obviously you are aware of the Court Martial offenders.
If you take a look round the majority of Garrisons I see then I feel speeding, litter and untidyness is very low. Looking back over the last 20 years I have seen other better far swifter methods of keeping discipline but alas the Do-gooders got involved.
so fool hardy...'re a recently promoted LCpl in 16 Bde (i'm guessing 13AASR or 7 REME) who's first posting was BFG and you're shortly to leave...and i'm guessing you're from the London area....oh and you were recently on a DCM....

...shouldn't be too hard to find you, given that the (new) CO, 2IC, Adjt and RSM are all good friends of mine i'll get a sitrep on just how many Capts & Staffys you've rebuked recently and post my findings here...

good day!
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