"Ill cut off body parts for money"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crescent, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. This guy: http://www.cutitoff.tk/

    Has said he will cut off a finger when he gets to $2500 of donations, he also states

    "If this is a successful project I might considering cutting off other parts aswell, though I have not given it much thought"

    And he describes himself...

    "As I mentioned earlier my name is Fred. I have lived here in Canada all my life, I graduated from High School 1991 and since then I have had a variety of low paid jobs to get by.
    When I lost my last job I started thinking about how I can make some money without busting my ass as a dishwasher or worse so I figured I could put up some freakshow on the internet where I cut off my fingers for money.

    -Yes I am a lazy sonofabitch but I have always handled pain well!"

    I say it's a bluff that we should duly call :thumright:
  2. He won't fucking do it! Its a good idea to get free money though!
  3. I'm sure I read some where that you can have a toe lopped off in hospital and have it put back on to help junior surgens get practice. . . . . and you get paid for it.
  4. Indeed you do sir, I have chums who do medical trails and for this little beaut, i'm led to believe payment is in the region of £10K :D
  5. In other words, this dipshit can come over to Blighty and make about 20 times as much AND get the finger back.

    Now, do we tell him or do we let him go for it and (hopefully) let Mr Darwin do his thing?
  6. Where do i sign up ? :lol:
  7. wonder how far he'd go, if he actually wasnt bluffing that is.
  8. I once took out an insurance policy that said that if I lost my big toe, I'd get £10K. Only £3K for the others.

    I can live without a big toe.
  9. i take it though that your policy says that if u lose your toe it must be accidental or through no fault of your own?
  10. Well I won't tell em if you won't.
  11. Do you get a shot of whisky and a fag while they're cutting it off ?
  12. I wonder how much it would cost to have his head chopped off.
  13. 50 grand if you take your head off, film it and put it on youtube (you might need a friend for the last two parts).
  14. .
    Mrs John Wayne Bobbit tried to do her bit to further medical freshmen's practice too!
  15. He won't be able to type a blog on the internet though...methinks he hasn't really thought this one through.