I'll Become a Lord for 29.99

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by WEATHERMAN1956, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. After paying the 30 pieces of silver (Sterling of course)

    The 'stigma':

    'Laird Weatherman1956 Of Woeful Continence, Glencairn'

    LONDON (Reuters) - The British aristocracy has long been an exclusive club but now anyone can become a Lord or Lady -- for as little as 30 pounds -- $58 USD

    A raft of British Web sites are offering one square foot of the Glencairn Estate in northeast Scotland and, with it, access to the prestigious-sounding title of Lord/Laird and Lady of Glencairn.

    Buyagift.co.uk is offering the "fun" title as the "ideal gift for anyone who aspires to greatness" for 29.99 pounds, which includes a deed of ownership, a map of the Glencairn estate and a card which proves their title.


    (for my thirty quid...I'd rather invest in a good single malt)

  2. i dont know about buying a piece of the estate, but i own 1acre of land on the planet mars, so does that make me president of mars?
  3. Don't worry us Brits would save you the £29.99 as we wouldn't let you have the titles of a deeds because of your piss pour fat sagging ass, that accompanies your balding pizza looking 4 eyed face
  4. No, that's George W Bush.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer


    But it does make you an utter plank for buying it though.

  6. tell ya what theres some top gifts on that site though..

    if money is no object and with xmas coming up can someone buy me the dive to the titanic wreck please? :p :lol:
  7. in fact don't bother....

    someone can treat me to the sun orbital space flight please

    a snip at a mere £63,225 8O
  8. I rather like the idea of diving with Beanz :lol:
  9. well thats not gonna cost you £63,255 is it!!

    am i not worth a good diving gift??
  10. No worries, I am exceeding rich.

    Hmm worth a dive....

    Goin' down!
  11. let me know when you get there....

    i feel the need to break some wind :twisted:
  12. Hurricane, incoming! :wink:

    Weatherman is really trying to get in touch with his female side...
    'Lady Weatherman1956 Of incontinence, Glenappy :D :lol: '
  13. As is inheriting one.................


  14. Can you hold off with that until I am rimming you?
  15. Beanz, change that to £2.99 its two for one fishy said :wink: