Ill be buggered if I go drinking with him!

AP said:
George Michael "Critical"

(AP) – Aug 26, 2009

LONDON — George Michael has been admitted to King's College Hospital in London suffering "life threatening" injuries after a sexual prank went badly wrong according to City based XFM radio.

Prank went wrong.

A hospital spokesman said only that a 46-year-old man was in intensive care with major internal bleeding and alcohol poisoning.

Michael's publicist refused to comment on the incident today but said in a statement he had been "stone cold sober." He added: "Michael says he doesn't want his fans or family worried by what they are hearing."

The Evening Standard newspaper quoted fan, Aimee-Jo Jasper, 43, as saying the singer appeared dazed and confused. "I recognised him as soon as they brought him into A&E. There was a thing like a rubber fire extinguisher on the trolley and lots of blood. The ambulance men just pushed him straight past. It's very worrying."

"Very Worrying"

The news comes just days after the star was arrested for drink driving following a crash on the A34 which resulted in his Land Rover being written off. No charges have yet been brought in relation to that incident.

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yes must be a common know when that 5KG rubber fire extinguisher getss stuck up your dung funnel.... :safe:

I like the way it was classed as a "prank" 8O
Yet another pending untimely death I look forward to, the drug driving tw*t! (I mention the drug driving rather than his romantic unorthodoxy because it would not be acceptable to mention his sordid rectal based activites under current Orwellian circumstances)

Will the removal of said obstruction from his gay fun hole result in the release of a cloud of deadly gas?

I thought arrse was now committed to ensuring that gays were not found in gas filled rooms? Surely some mistake?
Kinda reminds me off that sketch from Little Britain...the married gay politician!

"I was changing my clothes when a fire broke out in the house!
Naked, I grabbed the fire extinguisher when I fell over and it entered me.
That is the end of the matter!"

A fire extinguisher up his hoop??? Now I enjoy a vindaloo as much as the next man, but I've never had one THAT hot.
It was no Fire extinguisher it was 5 rolled up copies of the April edition of soldier ( you know the rainbow edition where we pretend to be all pink and fairy :oops: )

He's into men in uniform and if sticking them up his arsh dos'nt kill him then lets hope some one beats him to death with them :threaten:

That will be a fcuking WHAM alright: D


The_Coming_Man said:
A fire extinguisher up his hoop??? Now I enjoy a vindaloo as much as the next man, but I've never had one THAT hot.
I concur. I used to know a student nurse, when she did her A&E rotation the amount of people who came in with various household objects stuck up their arrses amazed me. Even had a gay couple coming in who had tried anal fisting for the first time. The fister pushed too hard and damaged the fistee's insides, he ended up snuffing it.

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