Ill be buggered if I go drinking with him!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Aug 26, 2009.

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  2. It sounds like one of those 'I don't know how it got there' moments.
  3. Would suggest that the photo shows the moment of insertion....
  4. I thought that was George Best in the top picture!!
  5. Where's Michael Barrymore these days ?
  6. That's why he looks so surprised !
  7. Is Barrymore still doing 'pool parties?
  8. Yes, but not to be confused with 'poo' parties, or is it?
  9. yes must be a common know when that 5KG rubber fire extinguisher getss stuck up your dung funnel.... :safe:

    I like the way it was classed as a "prank" 8O
  10. Was Mandy showing him some new tricks
  11. Yet another pending untimely death I look forward to, the drug driving tw*t! (I mention the drug driving rather than his romantic unorthodoxy because it would not be acceptable to mention his sordid rectal based activites under current Orwellian circumstances)

  12. buckfast enema anyone?
  13. Will the removal of said obstruction from his gay fun hole result in the release of a cloud of deadly gas?

    I thought arrse was now committed to ensuring that gays were not found in gas filled rooms? Surely some mistake?
  14. Shouldn't the title of this thread be:

    I'd be buggered if I went out with him?

  15. Kinda reminds me off that sketch from Little Britain...the married gay politician!

    "I was changing my clothes when a fire broke out in the house!
    Naked, I grabbed the fire extinguisher when I fell over and it entered me.
    That is the end of the matter!"