Iliotibial Band Pain

Just wondering if anyone has had problems with their iliotibial band. I have developed a tight iliotiobial band and slight knee pain because of it but have been told by the physio that it will take 6 weeks to improve and is not a major problem. What will RMAS think of this as I know how stringent their conditions re knees can be - will they make me defer for a certain period or when it is better will they be satisfied that I picked up a niggle that is now no longer a problem?

Would appreciate input from anyone who has had this problem and told Sandhurst about it prior to the Commissioning Course - what was their reaction?
Don't want to scare you too much mate but I have been suffering with this since September. If you look on the net there are some good stretches to ease it off but don't expect a quick recovery. I'm just starting to see improvements now. I certainly couldn't sprint.
Knee pain through ITB is very common. Had it real bad last year and ran a marathon on it only because I'd bet someone they couldn't finish it... doh!

Anyway, do your stretches properly after phys and whenever you're standing around doing nothing, and it'll pass.

Once you're in, you'll realise that everyone has more injuries/illnesses than you'd ever thought you could deal with. You just man up and get on with it, frankly.

Get yourself a foam roller such as... (Not too sure how it'll fit in your room at RMAS!)

I do a lot of long distance running and use a foam roller to keep my calves nice and loose. My physio recommended it, only cost a score and is alot cheaper than physio at 40 quid a go! Been using it for over a year now, great bit of kit. Have a look on the net for specific ITB foam roller exercises, i'm sure they'll be stuff on youtube. If you need any more advice pm me.
Google 'Piriformis stretching', also you need to work on Glute min/Med. ITB is invariably caused by weak glute making the knee roll in.

Single leg squat test - bilateral
Simple test, stand on leg causing grief, other leg placed out (about to step out action). Lower yourself down using bad leg, bending at knee. If your knee doesn't stay over the toes and rolls in, weak glutes. Best exercise is standing bilateral reps of 20 on each leg on a reebok step(raised platform). Lower yourself off the front under control for a count of 4secs, and raise for 4secs, 4 Sets total.

Could also consider Clam (outer hip strengthening)

Lie on your side with hips bent forward 45% and knees bent approximately 70%.

Slowly rotate your top kneecap up toward the ceiling until knees are approximately one hand-width apart.

Hold for three counts, and then slowly lower your knee.

Do not lean your hips back or lift up your top foot.


Thanks for the great advice guys - think youv all missed your calling as seeing a physio at the moment and these are the exercises I have been given.

Would be really interested to hear from anyone who has had this prior to starting the commissioning course and told RMAS - what was their reaction? Were you deferred?
Ready15- Make sure you get this sorted as it can be a show stopper. People will tell you that it will go etc but I have seen individuals in their early 20s who cannot run without pain and will not be able to for a long time.

I have had this for about 8months now and is only now getting better, resulting in delaying my main board and possible entrance to RMAS.

I over pronate, have weak glutes and poor tracking of my knee cap. but I havn't been to the GP which means although it has cost a bit to put me on the right track, I do not have any records related to that word...KNEE.

I followed Torres advice and bought a foam roller, which although the most painfull thing ever, actualy does free the facia tissue. Also the two exercises recommended by blobmeister are very effective at stenghening the muscles involved.

Also, do you have poor core stability? If you want any info then PM me but by going to the physio you're on the right track

Edit to add: Best of luck!
From personal experience- mention it to the doc at Main Board and he/she will defer you for a year.

Yup, been there, done that! Mine hasn't been an issue for a long time, but doc was immediately very nervous. Given that I am an old duffer he refered me back to my TA MO. If I was going reg it would have been a year referral. Knee pain + Sandhurst = Big risk
Agree with the above - would make sure any problems are put to bed before medicals. I have had a number of ACL / cartilage operations on one of my knees and they were very thorough about checking it over. Having said that it seems that even if you have had problems in the past, as long as you are asymptomatic and don't have any muscle wastage you can still get in just fine.
I had this problem before P Coy. 2 steriod injections from the Aldershot physio sorted it out after weeks of electro therapy, stretching and physio.

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