Iknew I shouldnt have taken history at uni!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hawk7814, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    31 grand FFS?!?!?! Sounds like a dream job. How would they measure productivity and set measureable goals?
  2. Quote
    The successful applicant will be required to have "prior experience of conducting research in the female sex industry".

    Yep every weekend when I hit town, so job's mine :)
  3. That job,s mine, I,m older and well experienced and got the scars to prove it (no piccys offered)
  4. Or more to the point:

    Glad to see the Government has got its priorities right considering the current financial crisis and on-going wars.
  5. What are the financial benefits of the job. Can I expect decent expenses claims to be accepted?

    Afterall its not as if I'm just watching Pay per view porn on my birds sky account I'd be "Researching."
  6. It's being funded by one of the most prestigious funding bodies in the UK (who also fund projects with the MOD), so it probably is worthwhile research (at the very least I expect the findings would be used to influence policy on employment laws in such areas).

    And the salary isn't overly generous, considering they are asking for somebody with a postgraduate degree (either a masters degree or a PhD) it's within the normal range for somebody with that level of education, working in a research position.
  7. You could of course, just contact the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in relation to how to charge porn viewing expenses through an expenses system. Not sure whether her claim related to "research" though. :)
  8. You seem to know alot about it. Are you planning to apply? Would look good on your CV. :wink:

    Edited but not fast enough!
  9. Sounds like he's already got it :)
  10. If that is the case and Amazing_Lobster has indeed got the role...

    Can I offer my outsourcing standard T&C's, in case his workload proves too much?

  11. Haha, no! My girlfriend is working on a project funded by the same people though, although I did apply for funding from them for a project... But it/I wasn't good enough ;-) Although the project wasn't anywhere near as exciting as talking to emotionally vulnerable, but attractive, lap-dancers :)
  12. You've so fallen in our collective estimation AL!
  13. Hahaha :D

    I'm sure there are a few ARRERs who probably could apply for it though AB (even on the basis of practical experience in such environments)! Or maybe we could put together a collective application, sort of like a job share (Leeds uni wouldn't need to know that applicant Mr/Dr P was actually a group of serving/ex-squaddies) :twisted: