Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_KFC, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. ikea what the fcuk is the point no one knows where anything is its all sweedish none of the flat pack furnisher has all the bits needed to make it :x which can prove to be a bit annoying and even if it has got all of the bits, the wood dosnt fit together :!: :!: WHAT IS THE POINT :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  2. Are you Swedish? If not, more work is required on your sentence construction and spelling.
  3. no i am not swedish just cant spell
  4. Or build stuff...........
  5. could you possibly rephrase that just i have no idea what that comment was about
  6. you not good speller-man

    you not good builder-man

    geddit? :p
  7. thanks for that it took a bit of time to click
  8. Its not hard to build, all you need to do is look at the instructions.
  9. I've had tons of stuff from Ikea and had no problem whatsoever with regard to finding stuff (other than the cafe, the exit, and kitchen and bedroom items). I've never experienced opening a flat pack to find something missing and I consider that the instructions are surprisingly simple provided that you read them fully BEFORE starting (as instructed at the top of the instructions).

    Having said that, I usually construct the stuff in my own way as some sequences don't suit humans. It can also be confusing to find that there are several bits of wood (I use the term loosely) left over. This used to worry me until I realised that they were there solely to stop the components flopping about in the packaging. NEVER USE THE SUPPLIED GLUE!

    I've had problems with the stuff that comes already built. The dining table and chairs went back four times due to the joints not having been glued and the paint peeling.

    Still, you can get your own back by pocketing a pencil at each of the stands. They're good quality and don't need sharpening (just fish another one out of your pocket).
  10. even looking at them wont help you much
  11. Nah, got to agree with puttes here, not bad kit all told and you can get a letch in while walking around as your missus is too distracted to see you checking out the MILFs...............

    Plus the free pencils as previously pointed out, bonus........
  12. the free pencils are the best thing about ikea
  13. I actually thought I had found hell on earth when I was dragged around Ikea once on a Bank holiday (Yes, I know now!!! :evil: ),
    it was a carpeted and pine walled labyrinth of horror, where the sounds of screaming kids pierced my eardrums and the skin of my heels was slowly removed by the pushchairs which constantly nipped at them for what seemed an eternity as my eyes darted from side to side like a paedo in a playgorund as I prayed for an exit sign to show me the way to safety...from weird shaped tables to psychedelic rugs, I shuffled through the chaos, occasionally stopping to nod at the other half as she pointed at the Guularp, Branas and Skamt and added them to the load I was shuffling about with...I must have fallen into a Scandanavian induced trance, as the next thing I know I was being fed Swedish meatballs in order to bring me back round and to bring life back into those cold dead eyes that were just staring blankly.

    You don't know what it was like....you weren't there man!
  14. Ikea - they say it's 'good' value for money but no sooner is the stuff put together it's fallen apart. Take my bed for example I blessed my new bed with a w*nk and the f*cker fell apart literally - god I wasn't even that vigorous.

    Or the new shelf that was put upon my wall, I didn't even get a chance to put anything on it before the right side decided to collapse quickly followed by the left.

    So now I don't buy there sh*t anymore.
  15. as a student i have found ikea very good for cheap furniture when i bought a flat and had to kit it out with the minimum of expence. The pencils are brill as well.