IKEA retail paradise or man hell?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BuggerAll, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. IKEA: never heard of it (you lucky b'stard)

  2. IKEA: Love it.

  3. IKEA: Some stuff is OK I don't mind going there now and again.

  4. IKEA: No thank you - Man hell!

  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The Long haired CoS dragged me around IKEA in Southampton yesterday. I hate everything about it.

    Acres of flat packed furniture - it makes furniture 'at QM' look good - thousands of nesting females with happy vacant faces, poor drudges like me, more cr@p...
  2. Ikea is great for fantasising about 'If we had the room/money/our own house we could get...' and for going with the intention of buying nothing and coming out with a boot full of stuff you never knew you couldn't do without.

    I love Ikea - and their hotdogs.... Mmmmmmm
  3. Aww bless you lol. Its not that bad as long as you know what your going in for. But if you happen to spend more than an hour looking around at the cr@p then it does become a hell hole.
  4. I went to Edinburgh to visit the family last year, and that was the first time I'd ever been to Ikea. I was actually quite impressed and picked up a couple of bargains for the house.

    However if I lived near one (I dont the closest is a couple of hundred miles away) and had to go every time the missus wanted something, then I'd probably get hacked off with it as well.
  5. We go there at least once a month!

    I HATE it.

    It's not like the stock changes.

    What is it with women and shops. They go in a shop and dont see anything they like and then go back in the same shop which has not changed any of it's stock and spend another hour trawling around it.

    Ikea and Next for example
  6. The swedish meatballs are really tasty but repeat forever.

    I reckon "hell"!

  7. HELL!! got dragged around the one at Newcastle yesterday..

    you must follow the blue arrow - thankyou!! NO F*ck OFF!! :x

    It's like a giant snakes 'n ladders- trying to find the short cuts!!
  8. Not all women are like that with all shops. I can be like it sometimes but you forgot to add the bit where they then buy something they didnt like earlier then decide they do they get it home and then get you to take it back as they no longer like the thing they bought. I do that all too often :oops:
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Dreadful places in the UK. I enjoyed the one that I used to go to in Heidelberg so the simple reason it wasn't the stupidly massive size that we have over here. The experience was over quickly enough not to get annoyed feeling like a sheep in the carfully constructed trail around the building.
  10. Cheap breakfasts
  11. Be grateful you weren't there the first week. The queue to the carpark was back as far as Novotel, then the queue to get in the place took up the entire top floor of the carpark. You couldn't get meatballs for love nor money, the free coffee my Ikea Family card entitled me to was just a dream.....couldn't get near anything. And they don't sell the same lampshades as the Bristol Ikea!!!!
  12. Been to IKEA twice & both times with the same mate, who's wife loves the place!
    The sad women has most of their house covered with products from Ikea.
    She, i think even has an Ikea store card!!
  13. Fcuking awful places, when married (thankfully managed to E & E) I was constantly dragged around this place to spend our (my) hard earned money.

    Whoever introduced that fcuking place into this country should be buggered and beheaded, which would of course be recorded and released on the internet as a warning to other Scandinavian retailers.
  14. We were at the one in Dijon on Monday and everything was fine (ish), until the cardboard compressing machine caught fire and they had to evacuate the whole building. A speedy evacuation (of the building) was not helped by the fact it seemed to be some sort of national pushchair day.

    It didn’t burn down so no doubt we’ll be back there in a couple of months. I'm looking forward to it already.
  15. I go quite often. My tolerance lasts for 50 minutes then I start to feel my will to live slowly drain away. That's when the wife bribes me with those gorgeous meat balls and I am happy again just long enough to make it through the till with a bed called Bjorn and a lamp called smojornufikkensumthing. Anyone else thing naming your furniture is weird?