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IJLB Shornecliffe

Oh my giddy ant, found this site after clearing a box I bought from my old house to a new one. Inside was pictures of my year of hell at Shorncliffe Junior Leaders camp. 16plt P Coy, Sept 75 - Sept 76, what a ball breaker, doubling everywhere, but the leave, all that money, felt like a millionaire. Went on to spend four great years in the Glosters, met some great mate's a long the way, can remember my officer Capt E-----ds fromt he Hampshire regiment, and a Kings Regiment sgt called R------n but the DERR sgts name escapes me, great blokes, first good piss up on a welsh coast have the pictures of the keg of booze they purchased. Tough time's but boy did it change this boy. Love to hear from anyone who served with Roger ( always threatening to join the camel corp at the time. I remember a great scouse guy from Speake and a good friend at the time Steve from Sandbach, went to his home on a half term, top man.

Good times but tough and hard and the hot 76 summer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Arnhem coy 80-81

Milling with the upstairs platoon

Being forced to box for the company, winning becoming junior Army boxing champion the competition being held at Shorncliffe.

Training with a Para who would become British lightweight champion defending the title 6 times.

Haircut on the second or third day, no beer for a year.

PT in the swimming pool in and out of the depend


You responded to a post from Nov 2007 , the poster @shiny is still lurking around though.
Holy resurrected thread batman. Yes I am still here. I think I still have the section photo kicking around somewhere too.


Was you 1 section aswell then? If you was and can find the section photo I am on full screws left,the one with the big bollocks
Found it. I'm sat the other side of the Full Screw. I moved to 3 section half way through to join the Drums Platoon.

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