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IJLB Shornecliffe


War Hero
Slag's Alley :lol:

'God's acre' :(

That feckin wind screaming in off the sea 8O

Hospital Hill :cry:

Running on shingle :evil:

RSM J. M. McSweaty of the Scot's Guards: 'Stand fast the third Junior Leader. Provost Sgt - jail the man behind him'! :lol:

Running back from the ranges at Lydd and Hythe :roll:

Some jumped-up little woodentop being 'Junior RSM' :lol: :roll:

Any other 'warm memories' to share? :D


Absailing from the martello tower .

Cleaning my SLR by the 30m range looking at the ships going up the channel and wishing I was on one of them !

having to attend 'hobbies' on a Tuesday night and canoe down some freezing canal whan all I wanted to do was get my locker sorted out so I didnt get a fcuk off great beasting the next morning after refreshing 2 hour sleep

The channel club

Mr Jones the Civilian PTI instructor wearing his blazer on boxing nights

The banner competition and everyone saying it was fixed so waterloo coy won it (IT FCUKING WASNT FIXED !!!!)

ten pence tina /slags alley

defence excercise on area G in a white out blizzard

forgetting to wear my 1st term green shoulder tag and being made to run from the waterloo block to the water tower with my slr above my head .

XXX the education wing , the first ex sas guy I ever saw

cycling to RYE

being allowed out on a saturday to do my dohbi in Folkstone

My first tattoo

thats all for now , It was 23 years ago after all


Mister_Angry said:
Some jumped-up little woodentop being 'Junior RSM' :lol: :roll:

Any other 'warm memories' to share? :D

If you remember the scots guards RSM , then chances are you were at IJLB 80/81 .

The junior RSM was a guy called XXX from the grenadier guards who is now the academy sergeant major at Sandhurst , one of the Senior NCO's in the army.

looks like being a Junior Bleeder worked for him at least !!


War Hero

Mate, be careful with names - I.e. don't use them on a public forum like this - you can remove them with the 'edit' button top right on your posts.

Re: IJLB - excellent! brought a lot of stuff flooding back. Capt S*****J was a bit of a legend with the blokes, classic you-wouldn't-know-unless-someone-told-you 'quiet man' type.

'Hobbies' lol :D I did judo, we had a R Hamps full screw blackbelt instructor. I remember we took on the Sappers's JL judo team and it alll degenerated inot a complete brawl! Hilarious.

I've edited the names from your posts...please be careful about individuals' names here, especially high interest individuals.



I've edited the names from your posts...please be careful about individuals' names here, especially high interest individuals.

point taken .No drama
SHORNCLIFFE!!!!!. (Piece of cake).

Now Junior Leaders,Scottish Infantry Depot, Gordon Bks, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.
(71-73) That where soldiers were made.!!!!!!
I arrived at IJLB on 11 Sep 79. A fun packed year of hell with Penninsula Company. Stealling to wooden tops ammo boots as they came flying out of Waterloo Coy's accommodation!!

If I remember correctly the RSM was from COLDM GDS and the Drill Sergeart was SG at that time. Battalion drill parades held on a Saturday morning with fog so thick you could not see the RSM - but he couls always see you!!!!!

Happy memories :)
Ah, Mr Jones. I was trying to remember his name. How can a man so old, short and suntanned have been so feckin physically fit?? "dep, dep, ..dep rii, dep....."

Slags alley! This location caused me to get my first of many ROP's when the shiny RPs wagon 'ambushed' us.

The Rotunda!! Difficult to spot squaddies down there!

Hospital hill. Mmmmnice….

Defence Ex. Must have booked the weather as it was approx minus 60 degrees.

Beach run back from Hythe in the height of summer on the shingle with all the totty watching us get ragged.

Sports and Hobbies. The only skive for a year.

Running around a field with an LMG above head on Tacex 4 or some such for an hour because I thought 'Stand to' was a request.

Saturday morning muster parades. RSM was a sniper with a pace stick. About 30,000 troops on parade!! (probably).

Room inspections for a year - Bed blocks for a year.

'Kit tree' after room inspections.

Waterloo Coys 'Boot tree'.

‘Waiting on’ for the first time in the WO & Sgts Mess thinking 'I want to be in here one day'.

Milling. Being put up against the biggest, gobbiest scouse and beating ten bells out of him.

Wearing 'cnut caps' prior to passing off the square. (Used to think they looked cool before joining up, hated the feckin things after four weeks).

On day one, meeting the 'Trained soldiers' (chaps who had just passed out on previous term) thinking they were Gods amongst men. (On meeting some of them a year later in Bn, proved to be tits).

'Physical encouragement' worked. I think it’s called bullying now!

Looking at the assault course on day one thinking 'Hmm, that looks fun'. Lost its 'fun value' quite quickly.

Going on first leave thinking I was a gzillionaire when the Coy pay Sgt gave me my Halifax book with all my savings (about £70!) then promptly spending it all in the Army surplus buying gucci kit that got confiscated on return to barracks!

Doubling everywhere. Green mug, KFS behind back to scran.

Sleeping under bed in between lessons pretending to pull counterpane tight.

Passing out day. Making my mum and dad the proudest people on the planet.

Telling me dad to get the car started quick as the slapper I'd been seeing had come to the parade and I decided to E + E rather than 'introduce her to parents'.

Never regret a minute of it.


Good to hear about IJLB.

I was there from Sept 80 to August 81. Arnhem Company.

I took Pistol for my hobby. With the SAS Capt. in question. I have a pic of him teaching a couple of us on the 30m Range.


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IJLB Shorncliffe - pussies.

IJLB Oswestry with Drill Sgt Hooper CG (sadly no longer with us but what a man) was where men were men and boys were beasted day and night (and not in the Michael Jackson way).

2 years at Oswestry and then sent to your Bn. What a nightmare - going from an ultra clean and very very sober environment to an inf bn in Germany was a much greater shock that actually joining IJLB (in 1966). Still I survived and like most who went through the 'mill' would not change it for a minute.

For those ex Infantry Junior Leaders, there is a website purely for reminiscing about life in IJLB, Plymouth, Oswestry and Shorncliffe. If you are interested have a look for it. Just Google IJLB.

I've edited the names from your posts...please be careful about individuals' names here, especially high interest individuals.
How did you manage that?
Do you know his password? Are you a MOD in disguise?




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The Lord Flasheart said:
2 years at Oswestry

Were you that cack you needed to do two years, yin??

Just goes to show how easy the poofs at Shorncliffe had it. At the very grown up age of 15 I found myself on a station called Gobowen being met by a huge and ancient man (he must have been at least 27) wearing a pigtail on the back of his No 2 Dress jacket. (RWF) Someone made a comment and he laughed and joked with us. 1 week later the barsteward had his revenge.

Yes we did do 2 years, in fact I joined a bit late as my father made me stay for the exams so I was a term behind. Normally it was 2 years and 3 months. First wage £1 10/- (£1. 50 to you bairns).

I spent many a night under the blankets in tears 9no shame in saying that at all). Like I said before I would not change it for a moment. We were the mutts nuts and knew it.
All a good day out im sure... Too old for me but not the old fella.

Any KORBR types at shornecliffe around the 74 - 75 era

Peninsula company??? Maybe


rhf1 said:
yeah, IJLB indeed, didnt we all hate that Hospital Hill. I was Corunna Coy a in Sep 1982.
You were the same intake as me. :D
Where Corunna the Jocks ? I remeber that really big Scottish Boxer who was in the term above us doing an exhibition bout. I also remeber a lad getting killed during the final battle camp when his trench collapsed on him at Thetford :cry:

Sep 14th 1982. A glorious sunny day.


Sept 81 Intake IJLB, Scots Gds RSM, Jnr RSM a coldstream south african that no one understood. Mad Cqms in Corunna RHF car salesman and his wee colour boy who was a diamond, KOSB?
Some loony instructors and the civvie pti who loved ash poles and sounded dead gay on runs Go! The little Black watch Fullscrew pti who looked and probably was pissed, and Barney, my sect commander who scares me still. Years later in bn I was getting over an injusry and had failed a BFT, I could hardly walk. I pushed myself around 2 weeks later with his image chasing me, "Pain is a mere sensation!"
Saturday morning RSMs drill followed by crosscountry, god I hate running!


CQMS in Corunna Coy wasnt it CSgt Davy Hogg, good egg. I also had Barney Barnes as my sect Cpl, and who remembers the WRVS woman, she was so up herself!!!! Does anyone remember Peter's disco in Folkestone where somebody set of the CS pellets, laugh now, but got we were given plenty of shit for ut. :lol: