IISS Lecture from Gen. McKrystal

General McKrystal's Speech to The International Institute for Strategic Studies on the proposed new strategy for Afghanistan. 01Oct09

You can either read it as a pdf document or watch the video on the web site: www.iiss.org

Take half an hour to see what Mr Obama is so upset about.

In my opinion he is using the same language as Colonel Tim Collins on Iraq. Could be the Special Forces ethos, but I've got to say that the man makes sense.

General McChrystal speaks plainly and presumably honestly. Two attributes that are unlikely to endear him to mealy mouthed politicians; either to his 'Commander-in-Chief' or to our home grown sacks of sh!t.

Seems to me that President Obama's star is waning a tad. Honeymoon over maybe?

Whilst I'm 'at it', what a daft idea it is to have the top politico double up as the top military man? The European Soviet Union will probably adopt the same idea. Imagine: President Field Marshal Bliar!!!!!!

Thank our lucky stars we do not have the same set-up, although the grinning spiv Bliar thought he was the 'Commander-in-Chief' and constantly referred to 'my Armed Forces' - what a snivelling slab of excrement!

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