Iintelligence Analysis : NVQ Level 3

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Taken from the Army Int Corps open source website...

    Further details can be found here

    OCR NVQ Intelligence Details

    Does anybody know how to achieve this or anyone who has completed the qualification?

  2. I am emailing them now to find out how to have guys assessed appropriately.

    Will let you know in due time.
  3. Hi,

    Sorry to hijack the tread a little, but I am currently awaiting selection for the Int Corps, and have been wondering about educational possibilities once I am in (assuming I pass).

    Would people say its relatively easy to get loaded onto these sorts of courses once you are in?

  4. Educational courses are not.. per say.. an Army responsibility to load you onto to.

    There are various ways to gain educational qualification in the Army, some fully funded, some partially funded and some you pay for yourself.

    It would take a while to explain the whole convuluted system but in essence.

    Your Phase 1 / Phase 2 training will allow you to apply for accredited qualifications which you are entitled to including NVQ's.

    As you progress in rank you attend military Command Leadership and Management courses which have civilian equivalents and you can gain the civilan equivalent qualification as well. These vary between rank.

    This will also entitle you to membership into the various mangement institutions such as CMI, IOM, ILM etc etc.

    In your spare time you can undertake any courses you see fit and (barring a few obstacles) recieve some or most of the course fees refunded when you pass using your Standard Learning Credits or Enhanced Learning Credits. You will recieve a brief on those when you are actually in training.

    Some distance learning providers also give you a Ministry of Defence discount if you train with them for GCSE's etc.

    Within the wider Army you can also apply for and attend short residential courses at various Universities to discuss Counter-Terrorism, Geo-Politics, European Integration and that sort of thing.


    most importantly........

    For absolutely free courses which are accredited you can get yourself along to your nearest DELC/Learndirect and study for your ECDL, PRINCE2, CompTIA and other trade qualifications in your own time.

    The DELC also offer free Rosetta Stone language training for almost every language you can think of.

    Any more questions - PM me.

    Hope this helps.

    And yes you did hijack my thread you little redarrsse :wink:
    Down and hold to my timings.
  5. you can do PRINCE2 for free?
  6. If you need it to carry out your duties (it helps if it's stated in your jobspec), then yes, it's free. Otherwise, cough up the £1000-£1500 like everyone esle.
  7. Thanks for that, its nice to know there are things available.

    To be honest it sounds like there is rather a lot, which is fantastic news :D
  8. CR, you can do the PRINCE 2 Practicioners course through Shrivenham. I will get the details for you when I get to the office tomorrow mate.

    DG :D
  9. Pop down your local DELC and have a look if you don't believe it! It's the foundation course but at least it covers all the basics.

    [hijack mode on ]I don't suppose anyone knows if you can get ITIL courses done for free through the mob? [/hijack mode off]
  10. does the foundation course give you a viable qualification?
  11. You can do the ITIL as well.

    The Prince2 you only need to pay for your exam (about £75) last time I checked. My missus works in the DELC so I found all this by hanging around.
  12. There is a Prince2 thread banging about. In RHQ perhaps?

    Any idea of the cost of this NVQ Int. course? Also, where do you sit in the cell hierarchy with this qualification?

    I haven't phrased that very well, I hope you know what I mean.
  13. I am digging into the NVQ now and will have a definite answer next week.

    I think for it to become a reality some OPMI Managers may have to step and become assessors for us Jnr Ranks.

    In the meantime completion of CLM entitles you to membership of the

    Institute of the Leadership and Management with a £35 discount. Email if anyone wants it.
    Chartered Management Institute but most people know that.

    Completion of Trade Class 1/2/3 gives different membership levels of the

    Security Institute

    Remember resettlement starts the day you join :wink:

    Again PM for details or emails
  14. Ref the above-CMI qualification changes/has changed to reflect the new CLM structure. Details will be given to you on your CLM part 3 (AEC) element when you do it. The Arms and services Part 1 and WBL (Part 2) have been mapped for accreditation making it easier to get the higher qualifications (though SLC can't be used) and before anyone asks I don't know if the changes are retrospective. If you have specific questions PM me as I have to call CMI anyway next week and I'll ask for you.

    edit for mongtype and to say Dontdreamit pse check PM