II Para Medal Parade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Awe inspiring effort from L/Cpl Tom Neathway
  2. Well done L/Cpl Tom Neathway and 2 Para

    somebody needs to grip Charlie for that Beret though :D
  3. Thank you for posting that JD, a fine tribute to a very fine Regiment.

    I certainly hope that young L/Cpl Neathway is found a place within the

    Army for the rest of his working life. The country owes him a place where

    he can be among soldiers who will respect his incredible sacrifice.

    Good on him and God Bless 'em all.
  4. Well done lads...
    and Tom Neathway an example to us all
  5. Outstanding - who would expect any less of the Parachute Regiment?
  6. This whole thing seems to have been very well reported, iIts in the Local Leicester papers and everything.

    Fantastic effort all round.
  7. Great thread, and fine examples to us all.
    Well done, and we thank you all.
  8. Outstanding, fantastic effort and worthy of a fine tradition.
    Stars every one of them.
  9. "they say that parachute regiment is like one big airborne family" ---- Loved that line.

    Well done 2 Para, well done Tom.

  10. oldbaldy

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    Local rag:
    East Anglian Daily Times

    Edit to add quote.
  11. - lot of it about mate.