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II Para Medal Parade

Thank you for posting that JD, a fine tribute to a very fine Regiment.

I certainly hope that young L/Cpl Neathway is found a place within the

Army for the rest of his working life. The country owes him a place where

he can be among soldiers who will respect his incredible sacrifice.

Good on him and God Bless 'em all.


Local rag:
East Anglian Daily Times

L-Cpl Neathway was determined to stand to receive his campaign medal from Prince Charles and onlookers broke into applause as he achieved his goal.

Watched by his family the 2 Para soldier then walked on his new prosthetic legs to take his seat with his injured comrades, making all the months of daily physio worthwhile.

Speaking of the moment he was hit by a booby-trapped improvised explosive device in Kajaki in July this year, he said: “I knew I had been badly injured but I knew I would be alright because of the guys who were with me.”

L-Cpl Neathway, of Worcester, said: “My goal has been today.

“As soon as I was injured one of the first things I decided to do was work towards was walking today.

“I walked and I am happy.”

He said his injuries had not changed him and added: “I have the same life as before only I am in a wheelchair - that's it.

“I will be driving again in January. People on the outside might think I have changed but I haven't that much.

“I still go out at the weekend on the lash with my mates.”

He added his next aim was to get back to work.

His proud father, Alan Neathway, spoke of his pride in his son, saying: “I am so proud, I cannot really say.

“I am really, really proud of everything he has achieved since the incident.

“He is an amazing kid.

“It has been a very emotional day.
Edit to add quote.
I too welled-up at those reports - an awful lot of grit and determination was on display there and my best wishes go out to all of the lads and their families.

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