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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. School demands visitors are checked by Criminal Records Bureau
    Visitors to a school have been banned from entering unaccompanied unless they have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

    Nick Britten
    Published: 12:49PM GMT 07 Dec 2009

    Manor Community College in Cambridge said that anyone who is working at or visiting the school will have to be accompanied unless they can produce a CRB check.

    The principal, Ben Slade, said signs had been put up to prevent people wandering around the main school building unaccompanied.
    The signs read: "We do not allow anybody who is not fully CRB checked to enter the college premises or to work unsupervised.
    "This includes volunteers, visitors and contractors.

    "If you do not have a CRB (full disclosure) or you do not know what this is, please ensure that you contact a member of staff for further information."

    The signs were put up following a recent safeguarding review. The school said the rules do not apply to parents, who sign in as usual at reception.

    But Neil McGovern, Liberal Democrat councillor, said the stringent measures would not help keep children safe.
    He said: "Obviously people who work with children need to be checked out, but does this have to include visitors and parents?
    "CRB checks are to protect children and vulnerable young people - I don't see how this would help. It's verging on the ridiculous."
    Mr Slade said: “It's not saying people aren't welcome into the reception, it's just saying they can't wander round the main body of the building unaccompanied without a CRB check.

    "We had a safeguarding review which suggested we should make it clear to people who are entering the building they are not to walk around unsupervised or work with children if they haven't been CRB checked.
    "You don't need a CRB check to enter the reception or go to an adult education class, and it doesn't mean people are not welcome to come into the school.

    "But you need to catch people's attention. Taking risks on safeguarding children is not something I'm prepared to compromise on.
    "Ofsted makes the rules up, not me, and a lot of schools have failed their inspections for not safeguarding pupils."
    Manor Community College has around 350 pupils aged 11 to 16 and has been a specialist creative and performing arts college for the last two years.

    In the last Ofsted report in June 2008 the school was described as "a satisfactory and improving school with a number of good features".
    News of the signs comes days after it emerged parents escorting children from nearby Somersham Primary School to a carol service were being forced to undergo CRB checks.

    The decision affected more than 20 parents who had volunteered to walk pupils 500 metres down the road to nearby St John's Church.
    A county council spokesman said it did not have a general policy on checking school visitors and schools set their own safety precautions.

  2. I can it now, school needs a plumber to stop a flood from Burst pipe, "Hello Mr.Plumber do you have a CRB? No? Oh well come back 4 to 6 weeks when you have".
  3. Suits me I dont like schoolkids much anyway, grubby little snot noses. I used to have to give talks in schools about me job. What a PITA. Some of the teachers were all right though. Hmmm second thoughts, where do I apply?
  4. Oil_Slick,

    I presume from the title of the thread, that you think this is excessive. this is normal procedure in Schools, and is designed to ensure the safety of the Kids; would you be happy if MDN was able to walk around any school he liked unescorted?

  5. I don't see the problem. We used to escort tradesmen when they were working in barracks why not the same in schools. Why would anyone feel they have the right to just wander round a school without good reason or reporting to reception?

  6. Here we go… 'Do it for the children'…

    The mantra of the left to ban just about anything for the last 20 years.

    Tell be about the noncette that just got lifted at Little Teds nursery and her CRB?
  7. In reality this is a bit like most places of work, if you come to my place of work you either have company ID or an escort. I agree it probably does little in this case for pupil security, but it will do a lot more for general security. A lot of stuff does go walk about from schools just because people can wander in and out. That stuff is paid for with out money.
  8. Oil_Slick,

    This is about unescorted access. Are you saying that anyone should have the right to walk into any school they please.

    Do you not require Tradesmen / Unknown individuals to be escorted in your workplace?

    The "Noncette" had passed the CRB check and then committed the crime, the whole point is to limit the access of those that have committed crimes.


    P.S. Don't confuse me with a "Leftie". :roll:
  9. CRB proves nothing it would seem then unless a CRB is predictive of future behaviour.

    What next, CRB checks for the kids parents?

    After all, most children are harmed and abused by their immidiate family.

    Ban parents! Do it now, after all, it's for the children!
  10. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Blokes I know who employ tradesmen and have contracts in schools have already got CRB checks for their men. It's another tax on employers, but they need it to keep the school / college contracts.
  11. Not a Problem with people reporting to reception or being escorted, it the insistence on having CRB, which cost £25 to £35 for the enhanced Crb needed to work near kids for the purpose of a quick job or to even help out for a one night event as a parent. How current does the crb need to be?
    I have 2 SIA licenses both of which require a Crb, Yet when My Daughters school needed a volunteer to help with the school play Making scenery and to do the lifting and shifting of the same I was informed I needed another crb (last one an enhanced one was for cctv license in Oct).
    The Other Dad offering to help is Police officer and again "Not without a new Crb".
    Schools are making a rod for their backs with this, the quickest I've had a check done is six weeks, so barring me from helping as they only asked for volunteers last week. Apparently the play which the kids have been practicing for since October will not go ahead "Due to lack of support".
  12. other than the debate about how useful the CRB check actually is, this is a non-story!Any half decent school has stopped random people wandering around unaccompanied for years. All the Cambridge school have done is put signs up pointing out what they're doing! If they hadn't, the system would remain the same but there'd be nothing to be outraged about.
  13. It is right that Britain's children must be some of the most protected in the world. I think that in order to better safeguard Britain's children, they should be taken at birth to be raised in government run maximum security nurseries. That way, every child has the exact same opportunities and every child is safe from paedos.

    I think I deserve an MBE for that.
  14. That will be a labour policy tomorrow once the spin doctors have had their nightly trawl of the site ;)

  15. Don't joke, soon enough it will be that way if we keep on down this road.