Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Merlin745, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. How long does the (proxy) authentication last for, what I mean is once you've entered the password roughly how long will it take b4 it asks you again.

    Is it possible for the password to be hard coded, enabling server applications to automatically make outside connections?

  2. Or is their somewhere on the RLI I could obtain the answer
  3. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Your answer is probably in your second post however they change (not going to say on an open forum) I presume they cannot be hard-coded or should not be hard-coded as this can screw up the security.
  4. I suspect it's a session cookie that's applied. Once you've got a proxy session open, that's your passport to the outside world. As soon as you end the session with the web server you'll need to re-authenticate. Most web servers have also got a timeout period of around 20 mins, so if you don't use the session, then the next external page you want will require reauthentication. You might as well go to the (RLI-based) IGS home page and email them if you need the answer.
  5. Thanks both, would do but they were sort of pushing the problem onto my employer (it good to talk eh?)
  6. Having used IGS for a considerable period of time now I can confirm that there isn't a 'time out' period. Just as long as you keep the already authenticated IE window open then that's your entry onto the internet for the duration of your logon period. Which system are you using? If it's DII then I won't hold out much hope for you. Also, have you looked into using a .pac file (if you're not using DII). This should enable you to hardcode your username and password into a file. I would certainly speak to your ITSO or Local Security Officer about this (if you're not one already) to consider the potential security aspects of this advice. Maybe this has helped. Maybe not.
  7. Thanks again, been sorted told BT its good to talk (torets IPSec)

  8. Para 2.2.6 of ANNEX A to the IGS SyOps states:

    "Subscribers shall not store there password within the configuration settings of their Desktop software."

    Thus, hardcoding of passwords (or ticking the "Remember Me" box) is a breach of Sy Ops, and would render you liable to prosecution to the full extent of the law, e.g. 7 lashes with a wet noodle...
  9. I shall open my 'Pot Noodle' and thrash myself 7 times with a wet noodle!! I don't breach the Sy Ops myself but I shall retract my previous reply. However, I am sure that if Merlin745 spoke to the right people he/she might get an official answer.
  10. Love those wet noodles.......!