Ignoring Entrance Test Results

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Just received a PM about a two 'thicko' trades being disbanded, all soldiers of these trades may have to drop a rank while they are re-traded (I think this is wrong - I'm sure rules say that you have a period of grace to attain the new trade quals - if they don't they drop a rank(s)).

    Problem is some of these soldiers are being offered trades above their ability.

    I suspect we have numerous units that ignore entrance test results, so someone who could only be a regular driver gets employed as a TA Operator. Its probably worsened by the fact the regular result for some trades recruit at a lower standard than they need (i.e. need GCSE Maths for trade at C but recruit soldiers with E Maths - as they can fix it with training)

    So if we drop our requirements are we making a mockery of the TA, e.g. TA Officers need 3 GCSE's while regulars need 5, clearly the shorter levels of training dictate we need soldiers with higher results (e.g. 7 GCSE's for TA officers).

    I suppose its funny looking back at my entrance test, I'd have been offered RSigs Tech if I was a regular but started as a TA infantryman and now many years latter I'm thinking should I go T.........
  2. i have 10 A- C grade gcse's , 3 A levels, a national diploma and im currently doing a degree

    they wont try to make me be an officer will they? it sounds a bit scary
  3. I have a similar CV to you Stayce with a Honours Degree under my belt as well. Whilst they did ask me if I was interested in going down the DE Commissioning route, I requested to stay in the ranks, for a while at least. So they can't force you to take the officer route if you don't want it.
  4. yeh im halfway thru my BA hons degree at the moment
    im not very confident tho so id suck at leading lol
  5. The Infantry have vacancies.