Ignored by the Prime Minister

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dougl67, May 1, 2009.

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  1. I thought you would all like to know just how much Gordon Brown, our PM is interested in our wounded or injured brothers and sisters. I sent him a copy of 36 names, addresses and listed problem that these ex servicemen and women have encountered problems. Some guys are privately paying for their own treatment, some guys have had there benefits stopped, some have yet to receive the proper NHS treatment that they need, some are having to wait nearly 2 years to go to Tribunals over their awards and finally some people are suing the MoD.

    When i pointed out this plea for help from me and all these other ex servicemen, he didn't even bother replying? One of his staff said thanks but i should send the list to the Defence Secretary.

    Not even a personal reply from him

    Cheers Gordon for all your concern.
  2. I thought you would all like to know just how much John Hutton (The Defence Secretary) is interested in our wounded or injured brothers and sisters. After being directed by the Prime Ministers office to him with the details of all the 36 contacts that I presented, John Hutton hasn't even had the common decency to even reply to one letter.

    Even though I brought these contacts to his attention, under the direction of the Prime Ministers Office he hasn't even acknowledged this. I did get an e mail from a someone in the MoD, from a part of the SPVA. He recommended that I tell all these people to contact the SPVA on their free phone number if they have any problems.

    The fact that every single one of them has already done that didn't seem to count.

    When I pressed him for an answer on why the Defence Secretary wouldn't answer these letters, Mr Gould explained that the Defence Secretary is very busy and wouldn't be able to find the time to answer.

    In respect to the Prime Minister, even though he didn't personally answer, at least someone from his office answered John Hutton's and his staff just cant be bothered.

    Thanks for nothing Mr Hutton

  3. Chin up, you seem surprised.
  4. Send copies of the letters and a brief account of your treatment to the MP for each of those you listed, copying each named individual in.

    Ask each MP to raise the matter with The Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary, inviting them to respond

    But most likely all you will get, after some delay, will be a slightly longer and more properly formed invitation to fcuk a very long way off and put matters through the existing channels. They really do not care

  5. I think you don't understand the PM, he'll gate crash a 'celebrity's' funeral like Clement Freuds (because some people may think he actually knew them in real life!) but will not expose himself to meeting any Armed Forces members who are not under direct MoD control.

    Might be a scene don't you know. Also his treatment of the Gurkhas should give you a clue, he'd rather every wounded UK serviceman would just fcuk off and die. 'Imperialist baby killers' who would never vote for him.

    It will be different next year, hold on.
  6. Can I get in first before the Number 10 rebutal unit does......

    Tory Lies!
  7. Bless you indeed for the care you've taken and the trouble you've gone to to date, fella. We ex and serving squaddies very much appreciate what you're doing, believe me.

    The problem is that your man hasn't the slightest concept of what the British Armed Forces do, let alone what they constitute. He's not in the least interested, unless they present a positive photo opportunity.

    He lives in a completely different world that only encompasses squaddies when they're "photogenic" and detract from Brown the Clown's "I've-just-opened-a-coffin" smile.

    I wish you all the luck in the world in what you're trying to achieve, my friend, I really do!

    If you think I may be of help in any way, let me know!
  8. Unfortunately the cause is just not sexy enough for TC Brown to take a personal interest.

    Keep plugging away is all I can say - write to the leader of the opposition, the Lib Dems, your MP etc etc.

    Look at the Gurkha Justice Campaign - it started slowly and was pretty painful in the early stages. Letters were written, petitions signed etc. Little by little it gathered pace and momentum. Look at what happened this week - the Gurkhas (God bless every scary little one of them) will probably become the force that history will define as the point at which Brown lost control of his party and started the richly deserved slide into political oblivion.

    From little acorns and all that.

    Best of luck with your battle
  9. Blogg beat me to the reply - definitely contact your local MP about this, and also those of each of the people in your list.

    Good luck

  10. What exactly were you approaching him about?

    By all means voice discontent over the way you feel you have been treated, but it would be a good idea to state what your intentions in contacting the SoSDef were in the first place, before posting this, just to give your audience a better idea of what it is you feel ignored over?
  11. Agree with PTP - the SofS is an incredibly busy person, with an office that recieves a lot of correspondence on a wide range of issues. The role of his office staff is to identify which part of the MOD is best placed to answer the issue that the correspondent has raised.

    In this case it appears that the poster has sent a letter to No10, who realised it was a MOD issue. It was sent through to the Ministers Office, who in turn realised that it was an SVPA issue and got them to get in touch with the poster - which is exactly what they did.

    I am sorry that you feel that the Minister hasn't replied personally, but if I could let you in on a secret here, Ministers don't generally write letters themselves. The correspondence is handled by a civil servant or military officer, who then puts it in front of the minister along with the quite literally dozens of other letters that need signing. The minister confirms he is happy with it, and then signs at the bottom. Thats the reality that incredibly busy people have - he doesnt have the time to write to everyone that writes to him.
  12. Patrick Mercer MP is well known to me,and has been most helpfull in a matter that involves the military,but not one of his constituents.He will certainly get these matters in front of the right people.NuLiabor have(I think) one MP who has been in the military.The Tories have several.
  13. He's been ever so busy.

    Voting no, in the vote on the Gurkhas.
  14. What was he supposed to do, vote yes in his position?

    I'd rather have him vote no , and be left alone to continue to do the good work he appears to be doing in Defence, than no, and get re-shuffled out to be replaced by another TCH.
  15. Unfortunately no it won't!!

    Party in power may (will) change but the civil servants and senior military officers advising the Government and the way Politicians operate do not. I have worked for both Tory & Labour administrations

    Put simply, system is you write direct to a Minister and an official in appropriate Govt Department is tasked to investigate & replies. If you write via your MP, same official prepares the response, but Junior Minister signs the letter. If your MP is a senior figure in a political / opposition party then SofS (or occasionally PM) may sign letter. In only 1 in 100 cases will anyone receive a personal reply to a letter sent direct to a Minister.