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Admittedly this is highly unoriginal concept. But; after rants over the weekend discussing the uselessness of Police Forces; in London mainly.

*Main problems. We have Reg police, Transport then the Community support all on different Radio Frequencies! Get into trouble in London? Run to the underground, their radios pack up. Then it’s a problem for the Transport Police who they can't talk to anyway!

Next: Is there a need for Cheif C0ckstables and people of power for each county.
To save the tax payer from paying arrse scratching, skin flaking, hanky blowing members of the higher tier Ranks, for every County Police Force. Unite three counties: 'Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk' 'Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire' 'Hampshire, Surrey and Kent’, for example.
But it doesn't take a Detective to realise who makes those kind of decisions!

But; before I go on, I would like Arrsers to take this scene to for captions to credit the above!


I'll start then,

'Commnuity officers still needed in 2030'

"Follow sign that says 'useless tw@ts', we come to clear place up!"

Twas thinking the same thing myself !


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Have I missed something?
That was an extremely small rant.

I suggest for the caption, Apoo from the Simpsons - "Thank you. Come again."
old_fat_and_hairy said:
Have I missed something?
looking at my wording i should have said discussions I was having over the weekend. I thought you'd like this. Downloaded straight from the al jazeera website portraying the star wars convention in London at the weekend! S yeah you missed it.... How do you feel?
Ummm, any chance of a picture?


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"Seriously guys, wheres the frocking ring?"

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