Ignore function randomly ignoring people


I clicked on the thread ‘British Sniper’ and noticed that all I seemed to be able to see were replies, rather than the original post. I clicked on view ignored content, and only then saw the original post:


Thing is, I’ve never ignored this person; the site (kindly) did it for me.

Any ideas?
I had this problem as well, but out figured out why it happened
@Good CO
Safari, iOS.. not tapatalk
Using fat fingers
Clicking on a thread and miss it but hit the initial posters link by mistake
You actually end up hitting the ignore user button

Any chance of having a verification process?

Only found this out when looking at a thread the posted name was ignored user
Clicked on my profile and found I had accidentally ignored stacks of users


I've also got it on ARRSEpedia - strangely!

When I look at edits I can see a lot of them are carried out by "ignored member" :???:
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