Ignore,facebook statuses,twats.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Speaking of ignore, I wish facebook had an ignore function so that I could apply it to people who put on these sugary,cringeworthy statuses that mention Amy Winehouse and blokes killed in Afghan in the same paragraph.

    You know the shit I mean: "27 year old pop star junkie dies but 27 year old soldier ....... dies in Afghanistan and who cares etc etc etc etc." I fuckin hate that,its American commercial grief,without any actual effort of course,at its best/worst. If you are bothered that much how about donating some cash to one of the myriad of Forces,Forces Families or Veterans charities and then putting the link on your facebook status to prove it?

    From tonight any cunt or "friend" of mine that puts it on their facebook will be getting ignored. And by ignored I mean deleted.

    And yes,I have got a fuckin facebook account; its handy for dates of the latest gloryhole events.
  2. Delete them or abuse them enough to delete you - simples!
  3. You can "ignore" posts on facearrse.

    You hover mouse or click on their post until a little "x" appears on the right. Hover/click on the "x" and a list appears saying:

    hide this post
    hide all posts by xxxx <----- the one you want
    report a spam
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Clearly your friends are all cunts. Get some new friends.
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  5. Why? What did the Americans do to me?
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  6. It is a good point.

    Another one is the old "lets raise awareness of __________" by all changing our profile pics! Yeah, everyone having Mickey Mouse or Scooby Fucking Doo as their picture is really going to make those nonces think twice.

    And fucking outrage groups and chain emails which are perpetrated by people who are interested enough to be appalled but too lazy to check if it's actually fucking true. There's already 1300 people on the "Save the Coldstream Guards" page FFS...
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  7. Can I ignore people on Arrse?
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  8. Fuck that, friends are over-rated. Get some really first-class enemies instead. They're far easier to make, and they'll always be there for you. They're much more entertaining, plus you always know where you stand with them. 'Friends' indeed, what tripe!
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  9. I concur. Its almost as bad as two people in a relationship who feel the need to crayon all over FB things that should really be confined to a mobile phone!
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  10. Good idea for a website that - 'Enemybook' i can see it now " Mark TC is sending you an enemy request because he thinks you are a cunt" and "see how many other cunts MTC doesn't want to be connected with"
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  11. You'd need a snappy name for something like that. 'Cuntbook'? 'ShitSite'?

    Edit; I've got it! 'Shit List'!
  12. Or even confined to a "conversation" between them, using mouthes and words and stuff?
  13. How about Cuntface ?
  14. 'Fuck Off' or 'YouUtterTube'. 'Shitter'?

  15. Cheers mate, no need to drag me into this.
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