Ignorant or racist?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrsRaven, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Mrs Raven goes up to the RBL Lady Haig Poppy Appeal stand adjacent to the Edinburgh City Field of Remembrance with the intention of getting a cross and a crescent to plant in the Field in Remembrance of those of her own cap badge who have died.

    On asking for crescent she is asked if she means a cross. 'No, I would like a crescent to remember the Muslim soldiers who have died'. Answer (I quote) 'Its the British Army you know'. Needless to say the individual quoted was wearing nothing but a smug look and no medals. Having informed the b*****d the RBL do supply crescents to commemorate the sacrifice of Muslim service personnel, he backed off I was handed over to a very helpful gentleman (with 2 WW medals).

    I returned a little while later with a copy of last weekend's Sunday Times supplement that contained pictures of all those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, pointed to the picture of LCpl Jibran Hashmi, Intelligence Corps, and suggested that the man who did not know that there are Muslims in the British Army might like to take a look. The individual to whom I spoke this time had been present at my original conversation but his only comment was 'Its nothing to do with me' (He had no medals and no morale courage either). I left the magazine for their contemplation.

    The saving grace was the gentlemen with medals, and I am in no way suggesting that the RBL and Haig Poppy Appeal in Edinburgh support the views of the two halfwits I encountered. But it left a bad taste and the concern that this might be evidence of the right wing extremist stupidity reported in other threads (BNP and UDA) spreading their poison where it is not wanted.

    As has been suggested elsewhere, serving personnel need to get into the RBL not only to do their bit for an organisation supporting us in very many ways, but also to see off these extremist who have probably done nothing more than read Commando magazine rather than actually serve, or spend their spare time walting about in SS uniforms.

    This is not a rant, but I can tell you that I have rarely been so angry. The fact is thousands of Muslims have been killed in the service of Crown and Country. Paranoia about a handful of terrorists in this country just feeds the agendas of those extremists and that of the extreme right. Tomorrow I will be remembering those service personnel of all races and creeds who have died in the service of the Crown.
  2. Probably ignorance borne of racism.

    Good on you for 'educating' the individual.
  3. I would hope it's just sheer ignorance. :(
  4. Are you being serious? :roll:
  5. Agree, I can't see the point of this inclusion in the original post. As for the reaction of the original poster, don't you think that you were perhaps a little to quick off the mark? To accuse the bloke of being racist is bit extreme.

    Rarely been so angry? Did you wander around Edinburgh all day just looking to be offended? You should have popped over to Niddry. There's plenty to be offended about there.
  6. When you said you wanted to remember the muslim soldiers they might have thought you were refering to the Iraqi/Afghans (You could have been one of those weirdos who wear the white poppy)and its a geniune mistake.
    Until I just read your thread I was unaware that there was crescent to remember muslim soldiers, It doesn't mean I'm a member of combat 18 does it?
  7. There is a lot of stupidity about. During the Pun VC campaign, I had an individual tell me I should be "more worried about the British lads who fought for this country". The individual concerned had worn uniform, HLI National Serviceman. There's not much you can do apart from pointing out quite how blatantly untrue this sort of shite is.
  8. Exactly Stacker, but that probably didn't worry Mrs and Mrs Offended. I'd put money on they tried every Poppy seller until they found this poor sap. They were just out to make a point, either that or the original poster is a liar.
  9. Surely the fact the lad wasnt wearing any medals is not pertinent

    in fact

    Is it not a heart warming that this Poppy seller may not even have been

    a Serving Soldier.

    then you call the 2 lads " Halfwits"

    Surely you should re edit what could be an important posting

    and remove that which ought not be there

    (and skip the refering to yourself in the first and thrid person)
  10. Agreed, I wasnt aware of the crescent either, I wouldnt class it as ignorant or racist but mis-informed maybe.
  11. So because a cresent could not be had, they were BNP infiltrating the RBL!!!

    FFS Come ON!!!!!!!
  12. Well done fellas, don't worry about the medals - every Poppy seller is greatly appreciated as it all goes to support the right people. Thanks again.
  13. What part of my post are you referring to or are you caught between posting and X Factor?