Ignorant MPs

I had an issue with TalkTalk (haven't we all?) telling BT internet that I was connected to them so they could switch me off. They then told me that my connection date would be delayed 6 weeks (with no ISP) and refused to give me the Migration Code I needed for BT. I told them best opening for their service and they wanted £70 disconnection fee for connection that had never been made.
I put it to my local guy. He sent it to another MP who had responsibility. He wrote to TalkTalk and OFCOM. Within 3 days of my starting my vendetta, I had crawly letter from TalkTalk giving the code and cancelling the threat of £70. I have had two letters from OFCOM where they detail how they also made the point to TalkTalk and how they plan to change the way Migration Codes are administered.
Included my name and details on a petition to make sure we kept our chemist instead of having to use Tesco. Local MP responded with a letter personally addressed and our chemist is safe.
Wrote re wind farm proposal. Had personal response with two follow-ups as to what had happened at planning stage and how some conditions had been conceeded by developer to minimise impact.
All in all, totally satisfied. Maybe being in Scotland makes things easier.
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Had an issue with finding affordable accommodation for me and my son when I was a single parent. Contacted my local MP to ask why so much local authority accommodation was set aside for ethnic minorities and the elderly but never found out. Asked her to approach the local council on my behalf but the result was offered a place in the only homeless hostel in the area as an emergency measure. The problems being that it would mean I was no longer homless in their eyes (so no longer needed housing), it would put another 20 miles on my journey to work and my son would need to get a 6am bus from the centre of Liverpool to get to school on time. Local MP did nothing and after four years and several letters, phone calls, etc. I got all my letters returned with a note asking me if I wanted her to continue looking into it. I gave up.
Depends if you MP is in a safe seat or a marginal.

My MP is so safe that nothing could shift him apart from committing an an act of gross indecency on stage during the party conference. Well known for not responding to letters, never makes personal appearances, does not really bother to campaign and is all in all held to be a worthless git marking time until he has got enough years in the House of Commodes to be sure of a fat enough pension.

Brother in Law on the other hand lives in a Constituency where the Labour MP has a very thin majority. Nothing is too much trouble! Loads of staff to help out and always in the local press, e.g. trumpeting how he has saved Mrs Bloggs from something very nasty to do with repaying Tax Credits.

Indeed, keeping local hospitals open does not appear to be much of a problem! Odd that.
I have written to my MP a couple of times and, to my suprise, got a response both times (not necessarily what he response I wanted but a response all the same).

I wrote to my MP using the Write To Them website. It is free, quick and easy to use and the site follows up you letter to see if your MP responded to you. You can also check how good your MP is at responding to letters sent through the Write To Them website.
I write to him all of the time on a wide variety of issues in the naive belief that he is able to give effect to what I say and that as a Blairite clone in a safe Labour seat where they would vote for Caligula's horse if it wore a red rosette, that he actually gives a single toss about what I have to say.

Oh he is polite of course. He always acknowledges my correspondence on a standard postcard, dutifully sends a copy of my letter to the appropriate Government department who respond to him with the same anodyne and evasive replies they normally reserve for answers to Parliamentary questions. He in turn simply passes those responses to me with a covering letter having 'represented my views'!

Then, as Lobby fodder for the whips, he will keep his mouth shut in debates, and vote with the Government secure on his £60,000 pa basic MP's salary, generous expenses and other perks smugly assured that the semi-literate 'Mongs' in his constituency will slavishly vote for him again for a fourth time at the next election 'cos he's yer workin class innit, know what I mean like!' while he dreams of being rewarded with a Ministerial appointment and even more of my tax money for his loyalty to the 'Dear Leader'.

The story might be different for those in key marginal constituencies which seem to be the only ones which are seriously contested at general elections and the only ones the main parties seem to be interested in.

I sometimes wonder whether it is worth the price of a postage stamp!
Not always the marginals who are good. My local MP has one of the safest Tory seats in the land and he's been extremely helpful on the occasions I've written and asked for his help (including one incident involving the US Customs, a piano and a transatlantic flight).
the old tory euro mp for sussex was an idiot did'nt even know what rogets thesaurus was :evil: someobody ought to get there school fees back :(
Well said Iolis - Labour party policy has always been 'keep 'em poor and keep 'em stupid' and then they'll vote Labour.
I wrote to my local msp and got a nice helpful reply from her. Unfortunatly it didnt resolve the problem and she gave me a lame excuse that our local council doesnt have any brick layers to fix our wall outside our house. however when I told her we would fix it we were told we couldnt do that as it was council property.

A good few months later the council turned up and ripped down the whole wall leaving a massive gab leading to the rear of our house which is now used as a short cut for all the scum of the town. When my dad used this same gap to get to the rear of our house and fell over some slabs layed by our friendly neabour he was told he shouldnt be using the path and it was his own fault. You just cant win can you?

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