Ignorant Interviewers?? Or in the businesses interests

Hey guys

2 main questions that i have been asked by potential employers over the past 2 weeks or so.....

Why do you want a part time role and not a full time role?

Do you have any holidays booked or reserve commitments?

and other questions of this nature.

It seems that mentioning anything about any reserve commitments to a potential employer (even for a job which would fit in perfectly ie 9-5 mon - fri) they seem to have ran a mile over the past few weeks especially today.

- (and i have considered the fact that i could be crap for any of the jobs i have applied - incommmingggg!!!!!)

However, getting to the point of the call i just had, the recruitment consultant asked me, Why don't you want the Full Time role? to which i replied and explained i feel the part time role would suit me best because...........................etc etc.

Soon after i explained this i heard an ''Oh'' ''Right''

and then in the nicest voice i have ever heard in my life,

''We are still looking at CV's We'll get back to you soon bye!'' (and literally there was no one at the other end of the phone within a nano second).

I did find this really aggrivating and extremely rude for the girl to do this as i have the slight feeling
I have only just started out with the TA and trying not to make it known until i have been asked straight out in interview.

Has anyone had any situations where this has been experienced by them at all. Furthermore, is this something thats just a case of sh*t happens and move on to the next job or do i keep chasing up companies for a progress of my application (which i have done for a few and had the application declined without prior knowledge).

Ideally i'm looking for any advice from anyone who has experienced this.

(and apologies for drabbling on ------ how many eyes hurt eh? :twisted: ) <<< joke by the way i'm not twisted in anyway.
sparksmalarks said:
Hey guys

2 main questions that i have been asked by potential employers over the past 2 weeks or so.....

Why do you want a part time role and not a full time role?

Do you have any holidays booked or reserve commitments?
Is this in relation to your TA service, or the job you are applying for?

This is for the jobs that i have been applying for they have asked these and similar questions and then once they are answered, theres an all of a sudden feeling of distance from the employer.
So why do you want a part time role?
msr said:
So why do you want a part time role?
initially because of the hassle i did have with my last employer HBOS (when they had a bit of money) we had a compulsory new shift system come into play and our contracts having to work full weekends, i eventually left and applied to do open learning at college then a Sport & Fitness NVQ course in January, in addition starting out with the TA as a fresh recruit and also being involved with the ACF as a PI from being a cdt a year back.
with all this a job working 12-8pm 5 days out of 7 mon to sun isnt my ideal choice anymore hence why i would prefer a part time job.

I hope i am making sense putting ''pen to paper'' so to speak is not my string point.
Are they offering part time roles, or is it a full time position and you have asked to work part time?

Some have been offering part time only however the company i spoke to today was for both part and full time roles.

The girl did initially ask ''It was the part time role you were applying for, yes''


''Why not the full time position?''
sparksmalarks said:
Some have been offering part time only however the company i spoke to today was for both part and full time roles.

The girl did initially ask ''It was the part time role you were applying for, yes''


''Why not the full time position?''
and your answer was....?
because i would feel more comfortable within a part time role and then i had explained why, in regards to my evenings/weekends would possibly need to be used for other commitments,
then their question would be ''such as'' however some have not been too picky if you like.

Then i would explain about my involvement with TA and my interest for the ACF again.

Some applications i have noticed however, that they ask you to declare if you have any involvement with a TAVRA organisation well before any interview stage.
At mess functions these days I've noticed that almost without exception everyone present has some story about how being a reservist causes them problems with their civvy job. Businesses don't want to lose staff at short notice, doubly so in today's economic climate, triply so when employers don't think what we're doing in Iraq and Afghanistan has anything to do with national security.

I look at your peers in my unit and they are quite open about planning to leave their job for a tour as they don't see returning as viable. They then tend to go regular or leave us and start a career. Hence potential employers, whether they admit it openly or not, can decide to screen out reservists as policy. It is perfectly legal to do so.

So what to do ? You could try not mentioning it until the interview and hope that they decide to take a chance on you. You could try targeting safe jobs - defence industry, civil service - but I suspect there might not be many for your quals and experience.

Finally, only looking for a part-time post might be working against you. They may feel that if you're putting so much into the TA you can't work full-time, then clearly you can't commit to them and will be off on tour pretty soon. So why bother employing someone who won't stick around ? Or they may read your situation as someone who has no idea what they want out of life and is not likely to stick around. After all, you would either join the regs or go full time if you knew, surely ?

I hope that helps, try and put yourself in the shoes of a middle manager who needs continuity and low staff turnover to see how you can best sell yourself.
Seen this coming. I am currently looking for a job.
I only started looking in earnest 3 weeks ago.

This will be perhaps a controversial statement....
I'll get repeatedly poked in the chest by SABRE!!!!

I spoke with a 'quality' City of London head hunting agency a few weeks ago and had confirmed what I thought without me prompting the agent....

Recruiters and agencies are very aware of the TA and what ultimately it means to their business. Generally employers like what you 'have done' in the TA or on mobilisation. However, the nub of it. They don't like the risk of losing you, they want to own you, use you and get a return on their investment in you... Remember that you are a resource to the company/firm that you work for. That’s why the Human Resource Dept ensures the manning for an organisation. Ok large firms like BT can absorb mobilisation loss and have synergy with Signals Units

We really knew this to be true...As TA we are caught between a rock and a hard place.

I am now retiring from the TA in order to make my self more attractive to employers. I have an interview next week (Stage 2).

Once I’m settled in a job, I’ll most likely rejoin…..

Well, It is a tough market out there with many good candidates for all types of jobs. Stick with it and keep your confidence. The TA aspect forms part of your profile. Sell yourself, use it.

Remember TA comes after family and work. I suggest you discuss with your TA C of C and take a full time civi job, get settled, work hard, butter up your supervisor or manager and earn some credit to get agreement for them to release you to go on tour...

Bite your tongue, get your foot in the door or you will always be rejected in favour of someone else….

Or go full time regular/FTRS?
Some really good points there oots cheers,

regs was something that was put in my mind by a recruiting sgt while back when i was 15 but i thought i'd use the TA as a stepping stone and make sure it really is something for me which i've no doubt it is.

its a catch 22 i think with the possibility of trying college again next Jan employers may feel i might up and leave.

I do know of some guys in the unit who have told their employers to jack it one of them even sold his business to go on ops last november.

Think i'll dig the heels in and persivere until one comes along......

Cheers for the advice guys it has indeed settled the mind. especially from the girls abrupt ''bye''
I've been lucky in that my current employers saw my TA service as an added bonus and not a hinderance to me getting the job, whereas my previous employers were rather less than accomadating. If I wanted time off for TA I had to justify it even though I was in 'theory' entitled to it. One frequent question i've had at interview for new jobs or when moving department is 'why didn't you join the regulars? Which always precipitates a groan from myself.

The sticking point being though, with TA soldiers increasingly going on operations and therefore taking themselves out of work why would a prospective employer want to bother training up someone to watch them disappear for the best part of a year every few years? Its not in their best interests and as long as that remains the case then they will be less likely to want to employ TA soldiers.
Simple, just don't memtion the TA or Cadets when asked.
You need your weekends and evenings free so you can
a) write a book/film
b)you are an artist in your spare time.
c) you have to look after your sick granny

I had a right hard time find a new job, I would get an interview then as soon as the TA came up I got the file 13 feeling.
I removed the TA from my CV and kept silent in my interviews. With in 5days I was fully employed.
Mr_Deputy said:
unless you need to why make a big deal about it? splashing all over your professional CV that you have a comittment elsewhere might not be great. can just bring it up in a second interview when you feel comfortable
Exactly, I had "TA" snuggley fitted in my Hobbies and Interests, between photography and Mountain biking - and that was it.

Loose Lips Sink Ships.
Of course from the employer's point of view they'd rather see what your priorities are: the old saw is family; job; TA and I suspect that any employer who thinks that you'll treat your job as an after thought will respond accordingly, especially when he has several other good candidates to look at.
I had a similar experience when looking for jobs in the mid-1980s and learned quickly that 'how much time can I have off to play soldiers' is a good way to the door. It really is a case of being seen to put the day job first and demonstrating in your CV and at interview how your TA service will generate a better employee than otherwise (ability to take pressure, think on your feet, respond to unfamiliar situations; team player etc etc). I work for the civil service but, even here, I probably missed one camp in three over my 15 years and had to cancel training weekends at short notice because, ultimately they pay the rent

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