Ignorant and unskilled, Lords Motivation or Evil Genius?

What was the Divine One's role in all this?

  • Ignorance and unskilled, but what a result for him!

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  • Divine Inspiration - he laid God's trap!

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  • Evil Genius - he sure screwed McRuin!

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  • Nothing to do with the odious freak.

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[tinfoil hat]Never thought I'd pose a question like this, but in light of the recent series of disasters that have befallen the Labour Party, Parliament, and Gordon McRuin in particular, one cannot help but think of the 'Lordification' of one Tony B Liar and his motivations.

Doth he possess thy Lord's 'smoking gun'?

It would seem that, if one had a bent for such things, the House of Commons may have walked blindly into a cleverly laid trap. One that has been laid SINCE Labour came to power.

A trap (if it were so) that was laid by the removal of many checks and restrictions on MPs expenses. It would appear that members were even encouraged to 'get their due' as it was 'within the rules'.

Many, many MPs fell immediately into the trap, driven by greed and vanity, and spent considerable sums of OUR money enriching themselves, buying fine Ermine robes, hugely expensive wallpaper and the like, and eating rich foods.

Others, those of a more sensible and enlightened persuasion saw it as no more than a system of reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses legitimately incurred in the running of their offices and duties as representatives. They only asked for what was both legitimate AND morally right.

A few, on a matter of 'principled conscience' declined to claim at all, seeing themselves as well-paid servants of the people.

There are a considerable number of people in the process of losing their jobs, and some who may yet face criminal charges, whilst others can sleep easy at night knowing that their 'moral compass' was indeed pointing in the right direction.

This begs the question - was Tony B Liar, with his 'God Driven' moral compass at the back of the trap - this being to push the venal into incriminating themselves, just as the Freedom of Information Act was punted and touted. Was it Tony B Lair who presented a sh!t sandwich for the perfidious Gordon McRuin AND those in Parliament whom he might see as venal, evil untermensch, just as he left office?

Was the Vatican pleased with Tony B Liar for turning over the tables of those who would trade in the House of Parliament? Was this his 'entry ticket'?

If so, could Tony B Liar be the breaking of Brussel too?[/tinfoil hat]

If it was then i'm putting it down to the 'law of unintended consequences'... given his previous on property deals i don't think he would have been above all this crap.
he definitely left leaving cyclops in the brown stuff big time


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Biscuits_AB said:
How much are these Ermine robes going for?
Not sure - speak to this guy.

He's been replaced by this guy though, phew, much better - check out the bit on the FOIA.
Yes Blair has in fact been behind every major incident since Troy was burned to the ground. He is Satan's right hand man, all that Catholic b0llocks is just a cover so people won't suspect him. I'm pretty sure you can see him in the background in the pictures of the Titanic and you can see a man with massive ears and a sly grin on the tapestries depicting the Battle of Hastings, shooting Harold in the eye.
I'm sure he's chuffed the current full spectrum policy cluster feck didn't reveal itself on his watch, mores the pity.

He's certainly a fat cat fondler of some note who was well ridden by his inept pin striped clients at great expense to the public good. In this perhaps even out matching the previous corrupt Tory administrations. Of course Broon was by his way preaching the good news of free-market voodoo and deregulation.

The expenses brouhaha I'd like to blame Blair for but that is more a case of systemic arrogant entitlement, petty greed and collective political stupidity. Of course once they'd spent a couple of decades collectively tonguing the hind teet of multi-national Mammon grovelling in the muck for pennies must have felt positively cleansing.
I don't for a second think Blair planned the present political crisis. That he and his ilk are indirectly responsible for it, I'm equally certain.

I'm sure that Saint Tony of Freetown has been wetting himself laughing on a regular basis ever since being forced out by Cyclops. It's not like he gives a toss about the Labour party either(having pretty much turned it into Torylite with a soupcon of Big Brother), so the fact that the whole New Labour lie has imploded following his departure should have him giggling like a school girl in a sex education lecture.

That Gordon has presided over the destruction of the Labour Party is a sweet irony, given the amount of old Labour types heralding his premiership as the new pinko messiah a couple of years ago.

It's enough to make a cat laugh.
I'm fairly sure Bliar saw what was coming and chose the right time to get out. He's a cnut, but he's a clever cnut.

Cyclops on the other hand is a total jinx. I see today he's told the workers in the Vauxhall factories not to worry about their jobs as he's personally on the case. I'd suggest the folk of Ellesmere and Luton should start dusting off their CV's if Jonah Brown's the best hope of saving their jobs. The only talent Cyclops has is being able to turn anything to sh!te 8O

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