IFF Research?

Just had random call from a witheld number claiming to be IFFResearch who called me randomly to find to do survey about out why I joined the TA, feck knows how they got this mobile number except via the forces. Since I wasn't told to expect this I politely declined. Surely talking to random strangers on the phone about being in the forces is to be discouraged. I should have asked more questions but not in the mood to hang around on the phone.

Anyone else been called? I guess it doesn't occur to them that most TA will be training this weekend, I just took this one off to get caught up with my civi life.

I object to having my number passed around external agencies when I hadn't been told it would, if there was a data protection box on the application form I would have ticked it. Heck is data protection an issue there? Probably not as it's on behalf of the organisation that 'owns' me.
TBH i would have thought any info like that would be protected by the data protection act, and they would need your permission to give your phone number to any third party companies?
You are perfectly within your rights to decline information sharing over the telephone under the data protection act as the caller is not in a position to provide identification as to who they are/work for etc. Think someone is winding u up mate!
I got a call from them last week, but was driving, so couldn't be arrsed to talk to them. They've been pretty persistent calling back, but I've always been away from my phone/busy. Why do they want to talk to me so much?!

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