IFAK contents?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi troops,
    Just curious, but what are the official contents of the issued IFAK? Are all deployed troops issued with haemostatic products like Quik-Clot, or the new combat guaze? Or is it only medics etc.?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section.

  2. Can I assume by the lack of replies that there is no individual first aid kit on issue to all deployed soldiers?

    In case anyone is wondering why I ask, it's down to a discussion about our (Danish) issue IFAK, and it's contents, and whether other NATO nations had better kit than us.

  3. prob has the number of the local ambulance chaser lawyer.
    have you been injured?
    did the army/nhs not treat you as well as expected?
    call grabbit,cheetem and run solicitors.
    remember no win no fee but we still get paid.
  4. I can't see that being much use in Afghanistan......
  5. Team medics get a kit although im not sure of the contents but we all get the new ffd and cat
  6. Apart from not having been made in 1942, what's the difference between the old and the new FFDs?
  7. The old FFD was a giant pad designed to stop bleeding by forming a massive clot; the new ECB has a much smaller pad, is Israeli made, and is designed to stop bleeding mainly by pressure on the wound.


    Emergency Care Bandage 6'' [MEDECB6] - £7.14 : RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment

    As for what's in the IFAK, I'm not sure, but I know that the American one is:


    Normal "minor wounds" kit: plasters, triangular bandage etc.
  8. Cheers for that. Is it an elastic bandage that's attached to the dressing? Looks a sight better than the old one, and a lot better than what we've got too.
  9. They are very good, think civvy compression bandage but bigger, the Brit one is missing a torsion bar as it was deemed that we didn't need it to apply pressure, it helps if you're putting it on yourself but that's all.
  10. Bollox, it did nothing but absorb blood, still bleeding? use another and another.
  11. team medic kit ,consists of

    2x trauma bandage
    1xhemcom (beer matt)
    1x Bolin chest seal
    1x CAT
    1x Suction easy (turkey baister )
    1xtriage pack (T1,T2,T3 cards + pencil)
    2x triangular bandage
    2x morphine

    celox gauze is now being issued ,but cant see how its going to fit in the already over stuffed team medic pouch .............oh i know get rid of the useless turkey baister that’s how !
  12. I'm shocked at the lack of contents for a Team Medic, when I did mine it was the whole 341module, y'know the Bergan side pouch type thing.....Sam Splints, OPAs all sorts of fun stuff.
  13. not any more ,due to the fact every other man is meant to be a team medic rather than 1 in 4 of a few years ago.

    And CAT bleeds having higher importance than airways ,carying opa etc is deemed unnecessary for every other man ,the CMT can carry them :)
  14. True that....I do wonder why american medics are issued a single NPA, the likelihood of having the right size is pretty small, and they don't issue any kind of lubricant so you're likely to totally rip out the lining of their nostrils trying to ram it up there

  15. We got a small sachet of KY type stuff with ours, bear in mind the I stands for individual i.e. yours so the NPA is sized to you.

    And if you get the largest NPA it can as a last resort be cut to size