If you've got to go, what a way to go

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mush_dad, May 25, 2012.

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  1. I think the technical term is "flambe"
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  2. Reminds me of that old Irish joke about Paddy who had drowned in a vat of whiskey, in his will he had stated that he wished to be cremated.
    Took 3 days to put the flames out.
    Hat, coat. Taxi!
  3. I'd rather go being sucked off by a nice wench.
  4. After seeing my grandfather pass away not so long ago due to a stroke and diabetes, I'd rather have it quick. It was painful to see him slowly demise.

    'John! How's your arm John?'

    'Put down the chicken shit gun Bennett, I've got one arm you can beat me!'

    'Come on John, stick your head out! I'll make it quick, right between the eyes!'
  5. That piece of news devastated me! My only faint consolation is the hope that it was Bell's Patent Hub Cap cleaner, or something similarly undrinkable!
  6. You forgot to mention he got out three times for a piss.
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  7. Maybe it's just me and my iffy eyesight but I clicked on the linky doochat and it came up as being a Vodka lorry. Can't stop, just going round the M25 to lap up the spillage....no point in wasting it

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Is that the same one whose mates tried to save him but he managed to fight them off?
  9. Whiskey or Vodka, its all burnt you silly mare.
  10. More than likely.
  11. Rumour is he got out for a piss twice.
  12. there's still some left with bits of skin in it but my straw keeps getting blocked
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  13. See also post #8