If Youve Got Nothing Better To Do...

how 'bout taking the advice of an old Mafia Don and go swim with the fishes?

There's a tour group forming to travel to the Top Ten places to swim with Sharks..start off in the Caribbean where the adventurous [ foolhardy ] can actually don chainmail swimsuits and hand-feed sharks...a stop at the Galapagos Islands to 'view' Hammerheads in their natural environment and finish up [ if you aren't sharkbait by then ] in Oz at the Ningaloo Reef where you can snorkel alongside some of the most dangerous sharks on the planet [ briefly, no doubt ]...

" Look, Honey!.. A Great White!.. No.. wait, its only ctauch. "
da da da da da da dadadada ... " Where's that music coming from ? "
" Honey? ...hon......"

'ello, luv.. you alone then?"
" Yes..I'm um - recently widowed... "

truly daft people in the world...

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