If youve ever had a bad sore throat/tonsillitis

Oh yeah....hilarious.......I nearly died reading that!

Oooops, sorry, that was the article on Maddie going walkies ;)
I suppose the point of his article is that the world is divided into two kinds of people - not men and women, not believers and unbelievers, not white and "minority", but between people who have been demented by a throat that has declared war on you and people who haven't.

Last week I had what I now consider "a sore throat". Bit sore, woke up a few times through the night, few days discomfort. That ain't a sore throat! Appendicitis was a piece of p**s compared to a real sore un. Broken nose? - a temporary stinging. Busted ankle ligaments? - hardly noticable. A boot in the nuts? A passing inconvenience :D

If they could work out how to give detainees a real 12 bore throat you could break them very quickly. Hemingway said, "Man is not made for defeat. He can be destroyed, but he cannot be defeated". My arse - five days without the ability to sleep or swallow and you'd sell your children into slavery for a case of Chloraseptic.

[Cue someone saying, did the McCanns have sore throats].

Below is the stuff that instantly removes the pain for ten minutes. You almost cry with relief - think Lawrence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man in the scene with the raw tooth pulp and the oil of cloves.

.....that guy who wrote that article needs to grow a pair! Though I can relate to the cup of water being like shattered twigs to drink...

I had it EVERY month as a 9yr old girlie....had to have them out as I was always ill and my throat opening was getting that small that I could harldy breathe when I had a blocked nose and solid food was out of the question!! Lost loads of weight... I lived on hot fruity drinks which I hate, paracetamol...which I hate even more as they were dissolvable in my fruity drink... water and occassional brown nasty cough medicine stuff which tastes like Liquorice...which I hate!!

The surgeon said I had the biggest Tonsils he had ever seen and that he really had to hack the left one out...whilst I was looking down at my blood stained arseless night gown...I felt like a princess!
jarrod248 said:
He earns a living writing that drivel?

And TV script writing. He worked with that lunatic Chris Morris on Brass eye. Very funny show.

It came to an end when Chris Morris added a flash frame to an programme edit (which produces a subliminal message) saying 'Michael Grade is a cnut'
Grade was head of C4 at the time.
Although I've never read the Guardian, I imagine that it is full of senseless drivel 'written' by tossers like that. I get tonsillitis at least once a year and have done since I was about 6. That person needs to man up a bit. Plus, it's a great excuse to sit in bed all day and eat ice cream 8)
Well I thought it was funny GobbyIdiot, especially "Gargling with warm salt water is the sole thing that buys five minutes of relief. Before you know it, the kettle and sink hold the same significance as a crack pipe."

Luckily I've only had tonsillitus once and I concur it hurts like hell.

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