If Youre Happy and You Know It...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Guess the rest of the Uk is pissed off with their jobs... Seems that a recent survey by some Brit bozos into workplace satisfaction found that the top five happiest jobs/careers are [ in descending order ]:

    1] Hairdresser
    2] Clergy
    3] Chef
    4] Beautician
    5] Plumber

    guess I can see how... the top four do diddle squat all day but muck up other people and the 5th takes in sh*tloads of money while fixing other people's sh*tters..

    I'm in the wrong job...
  2. Quite definatly and i think i might be to. I think though due to my urges to stab moaning middle aged women in the head becoming a hairdresser and providing me with sharp objects near their heads would be a bad idea. I cant become a member of the clergy due to the fact that everytime i go near a church i start to smoke. Being a chef is certainly not a happy job my brother is a chef and he's in the next room calling everbody cnuts and trying to work out just how much vodka he needs to drink tonight to make him happy. Becoming a beautician is out of order because the last thing a moaning middleaged woman who's uncomfortable with her appearance wants to see is me laughing maniacially as they come in for a bikini wax. It would be fun and i would get to stare at chuff all day but i dont think i'd get that much custom. I think being a plumber is probably the best answer i can do the sucking through my teeth thing plus i get tio laugh at peoples misfortune and make it worse by telling them it'll cost a lot to fix very little and it'll take a long time.
  3. The job is foul. It's pure fecking evil.
  4. I'm think I'm on with Bull's thinking. Yes I agree that plumber = do feck all and charge a fortune.

    Hairdresser & beautician = doris sits around all day long yapping + free beauty products and samples.

    Clergy = get paid to molest small boys/small girls/married parishioners, your 0A will cover it up for you, and the big CO in the sky will forgive you anyway.

    But, Chef = why?

    Answers on a postcard please?
  5. daz

    daz LE

    wiping you cheesy bell end onto some snobs steak, not to mention lacing the mash potato's with fresh mans cream ;-)

  6. Does anyone see the common denominator in all these jobs? The first 4 (male employee stereo types) like to poke things up sh1te pipes and er oh right! so does a plumber 8O

    Does that mean we'd all be happy rogering hoops! Arrse ladies take note!

  7. Remind me never to eat anything you've made!