If you're going to get arrested in the Netherlands...

Has Tercio67 got no bollocks or been castrated?

Edited to add -
Found this linky! -
The Swedish Bed » Blog Archive » Vote for the Hottest police woman of the world.

Sweden - Looks like a stripper, not a copper
Israel - Well, bound to look good!
Poland - Looks like she's off the Polish version of Blue Peter!

My Fav - The Mexican bird!!! Something about a chick in a balaclava with a bit of kit in her hands!
I'd love to cut her face off and wear it as a mask

Sent from my brick using poo stained fingers
"You can stop smiling or I'll take down your credentials" etc.

Second link - Germany for me. The Italian one looks like she'd clap out half way through.
Er... This by any chance wouldn't be one of Jarrod's training films that he tries to show me in order to "turn" me would it? :?
I,d struggle like mad until she had to belt the living shit out of me........................and I,d LUUUUURRRRVE it.
Finland for me, look at her, she's devising something horrible for me.

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You haven't just carried out a mass-shooting have you....

That'd be going too far.

You could try the Berlitz phrasebook and buying her a drink, rather than mass-murder?

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