If your given shit jobs on tour..

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. What can you do, i.e. your getting the crap jobs because your TA - it's nothing to do with your ability, training, colour, sex, etc.

    and no I'm not talking about Cyprus. And yes I expect the answers to be ... crack on, etc
  2. Crack on until you've proven your worth, or until someone else has dropped a bollock and gets them instead.
  3. shag your PSI?
  4. Piss in their kettle, rim their mug or shit on their desk or leave some unexploded ordanance on their scratcher
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  5. .
    Don't really do anything about it, sulk for ages and mince about Bastison moaning that 'everything is shit' and telling everyone in ear shot how you 'can't wait to get back home' where as soon as you do, you sign off (Or whatever it is you STAB ***** do to get out... you probably just don't turn up for weeks on end yet you still tell all your civvy mates how you're some steely eyed dealer of death who went toe to toe with Terry but in the end you weren't getting enough action so you left to go back to your trolley collecting job at Tesco). You volunteered to go, so ******* get on with it. Remember, good ******* blokes have been left off the ORBAT so you ***** can play soldiers.
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  6. Ah but I said: they were on tour doing trolley collecting at Bastion.

    Civvie street they'd manage the trolley collecting at tesco's.

  7. Stop whinging like a schoolgirl bitch and crack on and do them.
  8. Crack on.
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  9. .
    You get my point. Don't moan about it, at least you're deploying. I've got good young fit soldiers itching to get out there, yet we've had to drop them off the ORBAT so we can take TA soldiers. TA soldiers that when they turn up you think 'How the **** are you ever in the Army?'. Makes no sense.
  10. So you admit to discrimination and failing the service test?
  11. Alternatively, bleat and whine and cry because you're being picked on because you're in the TAs.

    Polar, any soldier new to a unit will generally be given tasks that their CoC believes them capable of and qualified to carry out. If the new soldier, stab or reg is a biff, physically or mentally they will most likely be treated as such. Liabilities are generally employed where they can do the least damage.
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  12. It's good to see the Duke is on form !

    The job is to do what is needed in the theatre of operations. That includes being a sniper, clearing bombs, finding bombs, driving stores around, delivering post...... and some genuinely crappy things.

    Are you the only one doing these "crappy" jobs ? Are all those doing the "crappy" jobs members of the TA ?

    I am confident that the answer is no.

    The attitude of your operational unit may seem to be unimpressive to you but the job is to do what is asked, or ordered, of you.

    Get it done.
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  13. Did I say I was discriminating? I treat all my soldiers the ******* same whether black, white, tranny or STAB. I just don't like whining STAB ***** moaning about getting shit jobs. We all get shit jobs ... just ******* get on with it.
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  14. Are you sure it is 'because you're TA' (editted for correct grammar) or is it because you may not be a 'known quantity' and there for have been given jobs that perhaps you don't think are 'not crap'?

    Should you shine in your allotted tasks and gain credibility amongst your peers you may find more interesting jobs coming your way. No matter how well you ran the bar at your TAC you are still learning in most Regs eyes.

    Most TA blokes I know rise to the level they are due as the tour progresses.
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  15. Join the RAF Regiment.